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BB Pistols

Shop now for BB guns, our site is the one stop destination for all types of quality BB pistol & BB Rifles at affordable prices, pretty much any kind of BB gun you have been thinking about. We carry all sorts of awesome brands such as UmarexCrosmanSig Sauer, and many more. Here you will find the best BB Gun Pistols available in Canada at the best prices. Most of our BB guns have awesome Table Top reviews and Shooting reviews so you can watch our videos to ensure you get the right BB gun for you.Free shipping on orders abover $279.

Which BB Pistol is best?

At Replica Airguns we carry BB pistols in a wide variety of size, weight, and style. Browse through our extensive BB pistol catalogue and check out customer reviews to find out which gun is right for you. You can also contact us at any time with your BB pistol questions.

Classic vs. Modern

From historical legends like the Luger P08 and the Mauser M712 to modern classic like the CZ P-09 and the Colt Commander, we've got replica BB pistols from every era imaginable! Whether you like the weathered look of vintage firearms or the sleek tactical design of new handguns, there's a gun for you here.

Remarkable Revolvers

In addition to pistols, we carry a wide selection of BB revolvers. You can choose between ultra realistic replicas with brass shells and working cylinders or new state-of-the-art models with quick-loading rotary magazines. Our revolvers have official licensed engravings from famed revolver manufacturers like Smith & Wesson and Colt.


Want to personazlie your pistol? Choose a BB gun with an accessory rail and you can customize your gun with a laser sight, flashlight mount, or pistol scope! You can also upgrade your firearm with a mock silencer or extended magazine.

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