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Review posted by roxtar7771

Has Issues

Had a lot of fun with this gun and kept it clean and maintained. Sights were slightly off and there's no adjustment, but easy enough to adapt. Averaged 70-80 shots per CO2. Easy disassembly/reassembly. Here's the main issue: Before burning through my first 6000bb container, the slide release latch started bouncing into my trigger finger when firing - like, hard. Took it apart and found the lock assembly had stripped and every time the slide hit the retainer, it tripped the lock. I still like the gun and it's cheap enough that I'm actually going to buy another, just to see if I got a factory defect the first time.

Review posted by Kroy17

Not horrible

Wasn't super happy with accuracy but a good hand feel and weight. Wish sights were adjustable. Loading action is easy. For the price. Cant beat it.

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