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Review posted by radiosales

Great Shells

You can use these shells in your Colt Peace Maker's to shoot pellets. at 20 feet you should be able to put all six pellets into a 1 inch Bulls Eye with your smooth bore. I also use emery cloth to remove the gold at the front of the shells to make them look more like a real shell.

Review posted by mustang-wolf

Very realistic and fun to shoot, but not reliable in any way.

First off, this isn't actually a replica of a Beretta, but rather a Taurus PT92. Beretta, the company responsible for the M9, does not make PT92s. Their 92 pistol is the Beretta 92FS, which looks nothing like this.I will say that this pistol feels amazing. I've used the Tanfoglio Witness 1911, the Desert Eagle, and this. This was by far the most fun to shoot. It's definitely much louder than the other two, the blowback creates much more recoil, and it sounds just amazing.And that weight. The full metal frame makes it feel real in both weight and texture. However, along with these good things there are three major issues I have with it.There is a major safety problem, and it's that the safety only engages when the hammer is back. This would not be a problem on something like the Desert Eagle and the Tanfoglio Witness ass they are single action. This one is double action. So when you pull the trigger and the hammer is forward, it will pull the hammer back about 3/4 of the way and then fire. That means unless you carry it cocked, you cannot turn the safety on. It's always live.My second problem is the accuracy. I didn't expect much due to the fact that this is a very heavy, and full auto, pistol. But when I'm 30 metres away and shooting at my very brave volunteer, and he reports three hits from an entire 26 round magazine, that's a bit of a problem. The Tanfoglio Witness hit every time at that distance. However, due to my new neighbors complaining about the noise from only a piano, this gun is way too loud to fire in my basement range. I haven't fired it even 500 times yet, so it's safe to assume the hop isn't worked in yet. Seeing as the Deagle, fresh and fired less than mine has been, is more accurate, I have to vote the accuracy low. I would rate two, but the hop could certainly be contributing to the accuracy issues.My third problem with this gun is the very crappy trigger spring. Once again, I have fired it less than five hundred times. And yet the trigger spring is already broken. Very unreliable. You can't actually buy those anywhere. You have to buy the real steel part. I don't know if this is compatible with the airsoft version, and because my prior mentioned volunteer and my best friend bought the Witness and the Deagle from me, I am without a single gun until I can find somewhere to buy a replacement part without having to buy the whole $100 assembly. In terms of enjoyment and realism, absolute best I've ever used.Reliability and accuracy, however, bring this heavily down.

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