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Review posted by Mikewall_3

Steel Force

I purchased the Steel Force a couple of months ago. I simply love plinking in the backyard, and after adding a custom silencer I play all night. CO2 can be a pain but with 2 in the clip you get more shots then expected. The FPS is under clocked, which is great in my books. And after i got the shaking down... OMG! Definitely a good time. Highly recommended.

Review posted by p.larson

Daisy Winchester Or Tanfoglio Witness?

Somethings been bugging me and I'd like to get it off my chest. I bought this 1911 Daisy Winchester and I love it but ever since I made the purchase I've heard it constantly compared to the 1911 Tanfoglio Witness and quite unfavorably I might add. This kinda pisses me off because I think the Winchester is far better in many ways. Please allow me to make a few comparisons of my own.The first one is the fact that this gun has only a semi blow-back compared to the full blow-back on the Tanfoglio but this is a good thing as it uses less CO2 this way and it also gives the BB's a "much" higher velocity. I know you already knew this but I'm just getting started.A lot has been said about the double safety and how reviewers cannot comprehend why Daisy would include this when the traditional safety has always been good enough. Well, as those reviewers are quick to point out, the back strap safety doesn't work. That in itself is no big deal but it does explain the added precaution on the Winchester's safety. People have complained that you can't release the safety with one hand. Well, when you shoot you use two hands anyway, right? Just hold the gun in your right hand (assuming you are right handed) and hold your right thumb joint on the safety button. Then move the safety lever down with the thumb on your left hand when you bring it up to steady your shot. Then fire. After you're done, flick the safety back up again. Simple. Works for me.Next is the stick mag. Is this better or worse than the Tanfoglio. When either gun is out of ammo the slide release kicks in to let you know the gun is empty and prevents you from shooting the gun. If I want to shoot the gun empty all I have to do is drop the mag out. If you drop the mag out of the Tangolio the CO2 cylinder goes with it so you can't fire the gun. I don't own the Tanfoglio so I am just assuming but it makes sense. I'm correct, right? On top of this my system for puncturing the CO2 canister doesn't require an allen key so I won't loose it.As the gun gets older it may need a little touch up. I can easily match the black finish on my Winchester but it would be harder to match the color on the Tanfoglio. On top of that all the warning writing on my gun is color matched to the gun so it's hardly noticeable. The warnings are in white on the Tanfoglio. Very tacky! This takes away from the realistic look in an extreme way.I will concede that the Tanfoglio does have some more realistic features to it but in light of all these other shortcomings I consider them unimportant. Sure, you can field strip the Tanfoglio if that's important to you but it sure as hell isn't important to me. I tell you something. I wouldn't trade my Winchester for the Tanfoglio and I paid less for it. (I have noticed the price on the Winchester has gone up since I bought it.)Well, that's my review. My 1911 Daisy Winchester is the best "BB" airgun I've ever had and I love it. I give it a five star rating. Happy shooting.

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