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The Glock is the modern shooter's weapon of choice. The Glock 17 and 19 are probably the best selling airgun pistol ever. Glock series pistols are one of the most popular gun models today and are still widely used by military and law enforcement officers. Find steel BB Glocks and airsoft Glock pistols here at the lowest prices. These are official Glocks licenced by Umarex to sell in Canada! The Glock airgun was probably the most anticipated air gun model in airgun history.

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Which Glock Pistol is Best?

At Replica Airguns we carry Glock pistols in a variety of size, weight, and style. Take your pick from the compact Glock 19, the trusty Glock 17, and more models we carry online. Browse our extensive pistol catalogue and check out customer reviews to find out which gun is right for you. You can also contact us at any time with your Glock pistol questions.


Want to personalize your pistol? Glocks come with an accessory rail so you can customize your gun with a laser sight, flashlight mount, or pistol scope! You can also upgrade your firearm with a mock silencer or extended magazine.

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