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Browse our online store, Replica Airguns, for high-quality airsoft pistols and guns. Our diverse range includes blowback and spring airsoft pistols, featuring popular models like Glock and 1911. Explore top-notch CO2 airsoft pistols crafted by renowned manufacturers such as Umarex, G&G Armament, and KWC Guns. Dive into our extensive collection of airsoft pistols at Replica Airguns now! Free shipping on orders above $$279!

Explore the extensive range of AEG airsoft guns available at Replica Airguns, one of the largest online stores dedicated to these firearms. At Replica Airguns, the selection process is simplified with a wide variety of options. Enjoy a seamless purchasing experience with convenient buying options and hassle-free shipping. Simply choose your preferred airsoft gun at the Replica Airguns online store and proceed with your purchase.

Not sure which airsoft pistol is best for you?

Read through the valuable information in our product reviews! Michael is the official airsoft gun reviewer—check out his thoughts on airsoft pistols and revolvers to help you decide on your purchase. Our reviewers offer great feedback to make your choice easier.

Shop now at for all your airsoft gun needs! We offer an extensive range of airsoft pistols and revolvers, all designed for maximum safety and fun at the most affordable prices. Contact us with any questions about airsoft pistols.

CO2 or Green Gas?

CO2 airsoft pistols are powered by 12g CO2 cartridges, usually stored in the magazine or the grip. CO2 cartridges are cheap and easy to replace in the field, but they don't last as long. Green gas airsoft pistols have a gas chamber in the magazine. They can be filled with special airsoft green gas or propane. We offer a wide variety of both CO2 airsoft pistols and green gas airsoft pistols.

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