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KWC Makarov PM CO2 NBB Airsoft Gun

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Type: Airsoft Pistol
Manufacturer: KWC
Model: Makarov PM
Materials: Almost all metal
Weight: 808 g (1.78 lbs)
Barrel: 76.2 mm (3 in), metal, non-rifled
Power Source: 12 g CO2 x 1
Action: Semi-Automatic, double-action only
Ammo Type: 6 mm airsoft BBs
Ammo Capacity: 13 rounds
FPS: 428

Trigger Pull: The KWC Makarov has a double-action only trigger and hammer. The trigger is long and a bit heavy, but still very usable.

Accuracy: The Makarov performed very well in the shooting test. It shot fairly well centered, getting all five shots in the black bullseye. This is good since the gun does not have adjustable sights! The pistol shot a very surprising 480 FPS, well over the claimed factory 430 FPS. It shot very accurately out to ranges of 50 feet or so. From a single CO2 I was able to get 112 shots from the KWC Makarov before I noticed a significant power drop.

Build Quality: This Makarov replica is not going to win a prize for build quality, as some shortcuts have been made to keep the price down on the model. However, it is built with mostly metal parts and it performed perfectly for me during my testing. It did weigh in a bit heavy, and it has reasonable fit and finish to it.

Realism: In terms of being a good Makarov replica, the KWC for sure looks the part, size, and overall weight. The KWC Makarov has a nice recessed barrel and a full size drop out metal magazine. I was not a big fan of the screws on the right side slide.


  • Full size drop out magazine
  • Recessed barrel
  • High FPS
  • Heavy weight makes for a solid-feeling gun
  • No ugly warning instructions
  • Mostly metal construction
  • Very good accuracy
  • Realistic working safeties


  • Ugly screws on the right side
  • May shoot a bit too hot for CQB Airsoft games
  • No adjustable sights

Comments: To be honest when I got the KWC airsoft Makarov, I was not all that awestruck. The lack of a working slide, DOA trigger, and screw holes in the slide put me off a bit. I did warm up to the pistol once I shot it. I was surprised by the high FPS and how accurate it was for such a low cost airsoft pistol. I can see this gun being used as a backup or sidearm in an outdoors style airsoft game where you may need to shoot targets out at range where other lower powered pistols just would not be able to get out to. In my books you cannot go wrong choosing this Makarov replica!

Buy the ammo: UMX2279505
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Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)
FPS:400 to 450
Ammo Type:Airsoft
Power Source:Co2
Trigger Action:Double
Body Type:Makarov
Blowback Action:Non-Blowback
Rear Sight:Fixed
Front Sight:Blade
Primary Material:Full Metal
Barrel Length:7.6 cm (3 inch)

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Jan 21, 2021


Really powerful & built really well. When first used shots were a bit lopsided. Overall very cool and a great buy!
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Jul 14, 2020

Great price shoots more powerful than expected nice finish.

Great feel in your hand. Very accurate and super high fps. Good weight to the gun. Probably the best air soft pistol you can get for the price on the market right now. Only downside is low magazine capacity, very long trigger and ugly screws on right side. However for the amazingly low price it wont be perfect. I shot 430 fps with 0.25g bb's. 11/10 would recommend if you want high performance for low price.
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Jan 27, 2019
Certified buyer

My reviews after complete test

This airsoft gun is great! Accurate, powerful and very solid (full metal). I had speeds of 425 to 450 fps with .30g bb on my chronograph, as well as a good grouping on a target of 5.5 inches from 20 feet. The shots were all very grouping. The only negative thing that I find is the external finish "the screws". Anyway! I recommend it.
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