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Who doesn’t need a great BB Gun these days? BB Guns are a great way to get into hunting, gun safety, target practice, and just some fun times in the back yard. A good BB gun can come in many different variations, there are many Blow-Black models along with non-blowback models. Many BB guns have restrictions in Canada but you don’t have to worry if you buy a BB gun from us. All our BB guns are shipped from our warehouse in BC Canada. BB guns usually use zinc or copper BB’s as ammo, they are 4.5mm and .177 caliber. Buying a BB gun can be a difficult decision to make but we got loads of BB Pistols and BB Rifles available for you to buy. If you can't decide on your own be sure to watch some of our Table Top Reviews or Shooting reviews on the product page of each item or on our Rumble ChannelFree shipping on orders abover $275.

Video Guide to Buying BB Guns in Canada

Check out our video about BB guns in Canada

Read our BB gun product reviews to help you decide which BB gun is right for you. Our shipping is fast and we only carry high quality airguns. Contact us if you have any questions about BB rifles, revolvers, or pistols.

Check out this video review for a list of the best BB guns to own.

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