Umarex Steel Storm CO2 NBB Steel BB Pistol

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Type: BB Pistol
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: Steel Storm
Material: Mostly metal construction
Weight: 1.27 kg (2.8 pounds)
Barrel Length: 190.5 mm (7.5 inches)
Power Source: 12 g CO2 x 2
Action: Semi-automatic (single and burst modes)
Ammo Type: 4.5mm steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 30 rounds
FPS: 430


  • Realistic blowback action
  • Tactical rails on top and bottom
  • Option to shoot in single action or burst mode
  • Front and rear sights improve target accuracy
  • Powered by dual CO2 capsules for extra power


  • Runs through CO2 quickly
  • Sights are not adjustable

Comments: The Umarex Steel Storm Tactical 4.5mm BB gun has a 30-shot magazine capacity along with a gravity fed 300-round BB reserve that makes reloading even faster and easier! This allows you to shoot five 6-shot bursts very quickly. You can also shoot in single shot semi-auto mode. The Steel Storm has the feel of a real gun with realistic blowback action. To keep the fun going, it is powered by dual 12 g CO2 capsules. The CO2 is housed in a drop-out style magazine for easy access.

Barrel Size:7.5 Inch
Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Action:Semi & Fully Automatic
FPS:400 to 450
Ammo Type:Steel BB
Power Source:Co2
Rail Type:Weaver\Picatinny
Body Type:UZI
Blowback Action:Non-Blowback
Rear Sight:Fixed
Front Sight:Post
Barrel Length:19 cm (7.5 inch)

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Jul 18, 2017
Certified buyer

Burst mode bonanza!

This thing is so much fun. The first pull of the trigger in 6 shot burst mode will put a huge smile on your face. I put over 1000 rounds through it the first use.Fairly accurate even though the sites aren't the best I've ever used. My only complaint is the spring for the 30 round chamber is cheap and you gotta be gentle. After 90 shots I had to pull outwards while sliding the spring into the locking position. Be careful. Once I figured that out I had no problem. Plinking for hours until it was too dark. I recommend. As long as you oil it as per manufacturer recommendations it should last for years.
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Oct 31, 2015

Awesome fun

For the price, there is no better fun out there. I own a dozen BB guns and this one tops it off in that price range. Be prepared to spit out a lot of $$$ in CO2 since shooting this is so addictive. This gun is actually what made me discover this site and it's great prices and reviews. I highly recommend a red dot scope for improved accuracy.
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Feb 23, 2015
Certified buyer


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Jan 22, 2015

The Irrationally Fun, Fun-Gun

When I bought this(from another retailer unfortunately), I researched, bought both the Paint ball tank conversion kit, and a "Tasco" Red Dot(inexpensive and commonly found in "Canadian Tire" stock). I first tried it without all the gear on it/in it, and it was so fun to shoot, I burned through CO2 carts like a GE minigun burns through ammo! When I used the larger paintball tank, connected the Red Dot sight, slapped on the eye protection, stuck targets up, I went through what would have been CO2 cart after CO2 cart, disconnected, checked the pressure of the tank, thought I was going to need a recharge with the way the gauge looked. Turns out I did not, and still have that tank charged and ready to go plinking at a moment's notice. Bottom line:this is a FUN GUN that also happens to be quite accurate in 3 bursts of 6, or single ptuwee pause pause pause ptuwee shots, or bluntly:until you have to shake the heck outta the thing to reload and turn yourself into a weirdo with the way this gun makes you appear when you reload. The Etch-A-Sketch of Flaming Shiny Metal DeathBalls might have been a more realistic name, but marketing wouldn't approve, I'm sure! I was shooting into a heavy shipping box filled with styrofoam, at tape targets the size of your thumb(well, actually the size of MY thumb) or smaller, roughly 20 feet away from target, seated(the tank etc can be bulky, so I sit and plink away), and I was getting RICOCHETS? I recommend highly, in the event of experiencing the non optically inserted "return to sender" BB's that smacked me in the plastic protected peri orbital region, to ALWAYS BE WEARING YOUR EYE PROTECTION WHEN SHOOTING A GUN, of any kind. I might even go so far as wearing protection when servicing or maintaining said BBgun, or admiring it from a distance on the wrong end, but I digress. Myself, I recommend getting 2 Steel Storms, with two tanks, a decent tactical vest/padded backpack that will hold both tanks and allow the air tube to reach the dual leg holsters(HPK style holster), set up lots of pop cans, targets, pepper poppers, balloons, old paper plates, action figures you no longer want/your sister's dolls(if you are cruel, that is), and blast, shake, and turn those targets to powder! Enjoy!
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Umarex Steel Storm Full Auto CO2 BB Gun - Part 2 Field Test

Umarex Steel Storm Full Auto CO2 BB Gun - Part 2 Field Test

(467 raters) 300280 views - 6/19/2010 10:31:45 PM - Umarex Steel Storm Full Auto CO2 BB Gun - Part 2 Field Test.

-Dual CO2 Powered
-4.5mm Steel BBs
-300 Round Internal Hopper
-30 Round Internal Spring Magazine
-Semi Auto or 6 Round Burst
-Blowback Action
-430 FPS

This video takes the Umarex Steel Storm Full Auto CO2 BB Gun for a Field Test. Shooting pop cans in Full Auto and single shot mode.

The rate of fire is fairly fast and there is only a small amount of blowback feel probably due to the weight of the gun. It is surprisingly loud, so shooting in a residential neighborhood may not be the best place to empty the two CO2 cartridges! I was able to get around 200 rounds from the dual CO2 cartridges, most of which were shot in full auto 6 round burst mode.

The Umarex Steel Storm Full Auto CO2 BB Gun is very fun to shoot and is well worth the small amount of cost (Under $100). So go get one!

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