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1911 Pistols

Popular and powerful, the M1911 is a true classic. Well-loved for its slim profile and traditional design, you can choose from our wide selection of BB, airsoft, and pellet styles. The M1911 has earned its title as one of the most trusted models and is a must-have for any collection! Free shipping on orders abover $275.

1911 Handguns: BB, Pellet, and Airsoft

At Replica Airguns we carry 1911 pistols in a wide variety of size, weight, and style. Browse through our extensive 1911 pistol catalogue and check out customer reviews to find out which gun is right for you. You can also contact us at any time with your BB pistol questions.

Trusted Customer Reviews

Check out the reviews on our selection of 1911 pistols to see which gun will best suit your preference. Shop now at or talk to us about 1911 guns today!

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