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Airsoft ammo come in all forms of shapes and sizes (figuratively). They do come in tons of different brands, weights, and quality. We have biodegradable airsoft ammo, colourful airsoft ammo, tracer ammo, and lots more! Some of your favorite brands like Umarex and G&G make their own brand of Airsoft Ammo.

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Which Airsoft BBs Are Best?

At Replica Airguns we offer airsoft BBs in every colour, weight, material, and quality imaginable! Whether you're a seaonsed airsoft vet or just getting started, we've got the perfect airsoft ammo to bring your game to the next level. If you're not sure which airsoft BBs are right for you, check out the product reviews or contact us and we'll answer your airsoft ammo questions directly!

Airsoft BB Weight

We carry airsoft BBs in a wide range of weights, from 0.12 grams up to 0.40 grams. Heavy BBs have more consistent trajectory, but can only be used by powerful airsoft rifles. Light BBs will shoot further, but are not as accurate. You can use this handy guide to select the appropriate BB weight based on the FPS of your airsoft gun:

  • Below 300 FPS: 0.12g - 0.15g
  • 300-350 FPS: 0.20g
  • 350-400 FPS: 0.25g
  • 400-450 FPS: 0.28g
  • 450-500 FPS: 0.36g
  • Over 500 FPS: 0.40g

Biodegradable BBs vs Non-Biodegradable BBs

Conventional airsoft BBs are made from plastic that can be harmful to the environment. These BBs have to be collected and thrown away after airsoft games. Biodegradable airsoft BBS are made from resin and soil microbes, so they naturally deteriorate on the field without harming plants or wildlife. Many outdoor airsoft fields are now enforcing rules that only allow the use of biodegradable BBs.

Airsoft BB Colours

Airsoft BBs are usually white, but there is also a full spectrum of colours available! Some coloured BBs are just for fun, while others provide a tactical advantage. Dark coloured BBs are harder to track, which makes it difficult for your opponents to spot your shooting location. If you equip your airsoft gun with a tracer unit, you can use tracer BBs that glow in the dark during nocturnal airsoft games.

Match Grade BBs vs. Plinking BBs

Airsoft BBs can be quite cheap or rather expensive depending on the quality. High quality BBs are made with stronger materials and molded with a tighter tolerance to ensure a consistent weight and shape. While cheap BBs are fine for plinking or target practice, they’re also more likely to cause your gun to jam. Serious airsoft players prefer match grade BBs to maintain their shooting speed and accuracy.

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