Umarex Beretta M92 A1 CO2 BB Pistol

Brand: Umarex
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Price: $189.95
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Type: BB Pistol
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: Beretta M92 A1
Materials: Full Metal
Weight: 1.1 kg (2.4 lb)
Barrel: Smoothbore
Power Source: CO2
Action: Semi-Automatic/Full-Automatic
Ammo Type: Steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 18 Rounds
FPS: 330


  • Equipped with semi-auto and full-auto firing mode
  • Detailed replica of the original Beretta 92 A1
  • Full-metal construction with realistic weight and feel
  • Strong slide spring provides heavy blowback action
  • Realistic working decocker safety and slide catch
  • Can be field stripped just like the real steel gun


  • Blowback system and full-auto firing increase CO2 consumption
  • Non-adjustable sights
  • White warning instruction on slide detract from realism

Comments: Umarex went the extra mile for this replica, with attention to detail in every component. The drop-free magazine, slide catch, and safety are all true to form. The only unrealistic feature is the upgraded full-auto firing mode, but we can hardly fault Umarex for including that. There are several Model 92 replicas on the market, but this one is by far the most realistic.

Buy the Magazine: UMX2253019

Barrel Size:4.5 Inch
Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Action:Semi & Fully Automatic
FPS:300 to 350
Ammo Type:Steel BB
Power Source:Co2
Total Length:8.5 Inch
Trigger Action:Double/Single
Body Type:M9
Blowback Action:Blowback
Rear Sight:Fixed
Front Sight:Fixed
Primary Material:Full Metal
Barrel Length:11.4 cm (4.5 inch)

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Dec 27, 2018

Expensive toy-gun

I bought that kind of BB pistol at Cabelas, but I regret it. After 5 months of using it occasionally that pistol became total disaster. First the safety lock stopped working and finally came apart. Next was pistol magazine,-it was not able to lock and the bottom cap became demaged. I was not able to screw it. There is a long list of not properly functioning mechanisms of that Beretta M92 -A1 BB pistol. Unfortunately the warranty was valid only for 3 months. I have called to Umarex eventually arrange for fixing my pistol but they advised me to buy a new one. I don't recommend to buy this gun at all. It is not worth to spend money for this piece of junk.
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Aug 09, 2018
Certified buyer


HOT DAMN THIS PISTOL IS IT! Looking back i think i would of rather bought the weathered version, but this opens up the opportunity to try and take it slow and do a good job myself. Everything is solid and well made to german standards. Best airgun I have bought considering the full auto switch. Not something people come across too often. DAMN
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May 08, 2018

Insane full auto but that's about it.

Fun little bb gun. The full auto is way too much fun and the blow back hits nice and hard. Unfortunately the tolerances on this gun so bad the barrel is loose and shakes obviously effecting accuracy. The clip rattles around horribly and the safety doesn't work unless i push down on the slide hard. It even cocks and fires with the safety engaged. I would only recommend this pistol if it is maybe the 5th or 6th in your collection and you don't have a full auto. Too bad Cabela's return policy is only a month. Now i must warranty with umarex and likely receive a new gun. Unfortunately these problems have not been addressed in manufacturing and from what I read the new gun will only do the same thing. Great Beretta replica gun if you are looking for form not function.
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Dec 06, 2016

Nice Gun But I had to replace it due to defects

I give it a 4 for quality as I first experienced the airgun consistently shooting low and to the right of POA (by at least 6 inches - hence the '2' accuracy rating). I needed to adjust my aim for that, but doing so had me blocking my target to a certain extent to get the shot I needed. I would love to hear from the others who mentioned the "minor mods" they did to improve the accuracy of the gun. BTW, there is a 'hop up' within the barrel of the gun however, I found it to be ineffective. I'm not sure if others had similar experiences. Again, I'd love to hear from others about that.After about 1500 shots (equiv. to one bottle of Umarex steel bbs), other functions of the gun began breaking down (the safety/de-cocking mechanism stopped working and the gun kept firing in full auto mode after the first shot, even though I had it on semi auto). That being said, I love the Beretta class of firearm and I've not yet given up on this one. It's accuracy of design and weight/balance is what drew me to it. Perhaps it was just a case of getting a lemon this one time; I returned the defective airgun to my retailer earlier today who promptly exchanged it for a new replacement. I will be testing it further and hope to get better results, which would then warrant a higher rating. Stay tuned :-)
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Apr 16, 2016

so far - the best of the Beretta 92 series

newly released and, in my opinion with all things considered - the best of the bunch. Absolutely a perfect replica in every respect - WELL worth the extra couple of dollars. Fully enclosed, full sized drop out magazine. Fit, finish and weight are bang on and true to the original. Grips are very good, but not spectacular. The pistol functions absolutely true to the original in every respect - safety decock, full blowback and slide function, slide holds back on the final shot, fully field strip-able - all of the bells and whistles, and all in the right places. SO much done right . . .so why, oh why the awful, awful accuracy? I was consistently shooting 6 inches low at a rested position - apparently a widely reported problem - and I am at a total loss to guess as to why they could get soooo much right, yet couldn't get this very important function so wrong. Take a white Sharpie paint pen (local art store), put a new white dot on the the barrel saddle right below the sight - and the problem is pretty much solved. Despite that wee wrinkle - a lovely gun . . .my favourite 92 series so far . . .and apparently I have them all
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Umarex Beretta Mod.  92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol Field Test Review

Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol Field Test Review

(920 raters) 174399 views - 6/10/2016 10:22:38 PM
Check out the my written Table Top Review for the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol:

In this Field Test Shooting video I take out my Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol and place five shots through my Chrony Chronograph to find out what the real word velocity performance will be and I also test the accuracy of the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol by shooting ten rounds down range at a paper target from 30 feet back using a semi rested shooting position(Gun rested on a sandbag, standing in the back). I also include some slow motion video of the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 blowback action close up in both semi auto and full auto modes.

For the Feet Per Second portion of my test I used a brand new CO2 along with 5.1 grain RWS nickel coated 4.5mm Steel BB's. The temperature outside was 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit), so not super warm or cold, I would expect a little higher fps on a warmed day. Umarex claims a velocity of 310 fps, I was able to get a five shot average of 322 which was nice to see a higher than claimed fps for the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol.

Moving on to the Accuracy portion of my Field Test, I was able to get all 10 shots within a 2 inch grouping, not bad for a heavy blowback BB pistol. I did notice the shots where a little low and to the right so some shot placement adjustments may be required depending on your shooting range since the sights on the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol are non-adjustable. The blowback action is nice and strong and the trigger is also very typical to what you would find on a Beretta M92. Shooting in full auto mode is a lot of fun and really gets your hand rocking. You should be able to get around 4 magazines in semi auto shooting mode and closer to 3 magazine in full auto shooting mode.

I really like the Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol from Umarex, it's what many of us have been waiting for, a true licensed Model 92 and to top it off we even got full auto thrown in for fun :)

Buy the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol in our Canada Store:
Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 BB Pistol Full Auto Fun Video

Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 BB Pistol Full Auto Fun Video

(694 raters) 126814 views - 7/28/2016 12:08:58 AM
Check out the my written Table Top Review for the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol:

Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol:
-Type: BB air pistol.
-Distributer: Umarex.
-Model: Beretta Mod. 92 A1.
-Materials: Pretty much all metal build.
-Weight: 2.4 pounds (1100 grams).
-Barrel: 4.38 inches Brass, non-rifled.
-Propulsion: CO2 x1.
-Action: Semi and full auto blowback, single and double action.
-Ammunition Type: 4.5mm Steel BB's.
-Ammunition Capacity: 18 rounds.
-FPS: 310.

Last summer I made some "Full Auto Fun" videos and well... I had a lot of fun making them and of course shooting the full auto airguns. So I got to thinking I should make some more Full Auto Fun videos again this summer, at least for some of the new Full Auto guns I have not made these videos for yet.

So to kick it off, I brought out my Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 BB Pistol and shot up some clay pigeons and water filled cans in Full Auto Mode of course :)

Buy the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol in our Canada Store:

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