KWC Luger P-08 Full Metal 6mm Airsoft Gun

Type: Airsoft Pistol
Manufacturer: KWC
Model: Luger P-08
Materials: Metal
Weight: 834 g (1.84 lbs)
Barrel: 10.16 cm (4 in), metal, non-rifled
Power Source: 12 g CO2 x 1
Action: Semi & Full-Automatic
Ammo Type: 6 mm airsoft BBs
Ammo Capacity: 15 rounds
FPS: 366+

Trigger Pull: The single-action only trigger pull has a super short take-up with a very smooth light release. There is no reset since the entire action is short, so quick follow-up shots are fast and predictable. Since this is a single-action only trigger with no external hammer, you will need to pull the toggle back to chamber a BB and pre-cock the hammer for the first shot. The blowback action will do this automatically for you on follow-up shots until the magazine is empty and the toggle locks back.

Accuracy: The KWC Luger P-O8 shot about 3 inches high for me at 30 feet out. Since the sights are non-adjustable, I would have to hold low on the target to make up for this but the KWC P-08 did shoot well-centered horizontally. Overall, the 10 shot grouping was very good with the bulk of the shots staying within a 1 inch pattern and three shots coming outside, stretching it out to about 2.5 inches. In terms of velocity, I used .25g airsoft BBs rather than .20g BBs and still shot a respectable 340 FPS using a new CO2 cartridge. The weather was not overly warm at only 10c or 50f so on a warmer day using lighter .20g BBs this airsoft pistol will hit the 366+ FPS with no problem.

Build Quality: Being almost entirely metal, this pistol is well-built. It weighs in at a beefy 1.84 pounds, close to the 1.92 pounds of the genuine real steel Luger. The only plastic to speak of would be in the grips and the gas tube. As is with pretty much all KWC guns, they are powder coated so the finish looks great but can wear off in areas that protrude and or see metal on metal friction.

Realism: The KWC Luger P-08 is an accurate replica of the actual Luger P-08 with all the same working parts and ability to field strip like the real steel version. I did find the finish to be perhaps a bit dark, I would have liked a more grey or bluish tint to it to get the KWC Luger P-08 more in line with the blue finish found on the real version


  • Crisp heavy blowback toggle that locks back on last shot
  • Full metal construction has good overall weight, similar to real steel version
  • Decent FPS and accuracy
  • Accurate replica of a real Luger P-08 with all working parts
  • Short and light single-action trigger
  • Field strip capability
  • Comes in 4.5mm steel BB and 6mm plastic airsoft versions


  • Paint wears off in high spots noticeably
  • Non-adjustable sights seemed to shoot a bit high
  • Black paint may be a bit too dark

Comments: Another great classic ultra-realistic pistol from KWC! It's really nice to see more and more of these classic pistols showing up from multiple manufacturers. I liked the Umarex version which was all metal and a good overall Luger replica. KWC took it to the next level by adding blowback and a full-size drop-out metal magazine that holds the CO2 and BBs and giving us the option of buying in either 4.5mm steel BB or 6mm plastic airsoft versions. If you're a Luger fan looking for ultra-realism, this is the one to go with!

Buy the magazine: GPKWCKW137

Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)
FPS:350 to 400
Ammo Type:Airsoft
Power Source:Co2
Trigger Action:Single
Gun Blowback:Blowback
Rear Sight:Fixed
Front Sight:Blade
Primary Material:Full Metal

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Dec 13, 2017

A fun and cool looking gun while it worked

This was the first airsoft gun I've ever purchased and used, and it was quite an experience to use it. Pulling back the "toggle", I don't know what it's called, always felt amazing and shooting it was even better. It was also fairly accurate whenever I test shot it. But all of that ended unfortunately after 1 and a half months of use. I reloaded the gun, shot, and then heard a cracking sound and tried shooting again, but it didn't. I took out the magazine and saw a small piece of metal fall on the floor from the magazine area of the gun. I did a field strip and saw that there was a hole on the side and it was exposing a part that releases the gas from the CO2 cartridge. So whenever I try shooting, this piece wouldn't strike that part that releases CO2 from the magazine and thus not allowing the gun to fire. This all happened last year. I'm not sure who's at fault though, the manufacturer's choice of materials when making this gun or the cold weather. So this may already be obvious, maybe KWC used a weak metal to make this amazing looking gun or that the cold really took an effect to the rigidity of the metal, or maybe both. I know that they won't make this gun with the same material as actual guns, just that the metal used for this is just weak. I'll probably buy another one of this gun and stick to spring and summer when shooting or just buy different airsoft gun.
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Mar 30, 2017

Po8 Luger

Love this gun
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Nov 18, 2015

Fun p08

I've been waiting for some time for a quality and reasonably priced p08 with blowback, I'm glad I finally have one.Pros: as close to RS as possible( safety acts the same, overly complicated trigger mechanism that works great, can even use RS stock attachment and RS p08 grip panels with some modification. Only thing that's missing is "loaded" indicator, tho I haven't seen a replica with one) Nice manageable recoil. Hair trigger, very easy to pull. Nice weight. Nice clip size.Toggle locks back at end of clip.Cons: accuracy is very good for the first 2 clips /30rds but the last 30-45rds hop up high, and that's with .25 bbs. Co2 consumption is crazy, about 3-4 clips/45-60rds per co2. Clips are expensive and usually out of stock.If your looking for an airsoft p08, this is the one you want, surpassed the WE version in every way except accuracy and consumption, but is more reliable and will fire more rounds before needing any maintenence. But if your looking for an airsoft pistol for using in matches and aren't a huge p08 fan, keep looking, it's not that awesome unless you just love p08s
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Apr 27, 2015

Excellently Crafted P-08.

Honestly, when I learned of this site carrying KWC's new Luger, I bought it in a heartbeat, I use to own a WE P08 and it was honestly kinda well... Bad.This thing is amazingly crafted, weights roughly the same as a Real-steel one, and Shoots like a dream, was able to ping a few Pop Cans at about 75 Feet.though it does empty a Co2 Cartridge in about 1 1/2 - 2 mags.Over all, 5 Stars for me
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Mar 10, 2015

P08 Luger

I have wanted a real Luger for years but they are hard to find with legal length barrels that suite Canadian rules. I recently came across this one on the Replica Airsoft site and watched the Youtube review as well, this convinced me to purchase. I couldnt be happier with the quality and fun to shoot factor (dont have to go to the range) I think I will purchase the Broomhndle Mauser next!
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KWC P-08 Luger CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

KWC P-08 Luger CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

(1247 raters) 305499 views - 4/28/2014 10:42:17 PM - KWC P-08 Luger CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review.

- 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's
- 15 Round Full Size Drop Out Metal Magazine
- 366+ FPS
- Full Blowback Operation
- 4 inches, metal non-rifled barrel
- 1.84 Pounds (834 grams)
- Pretty much all Metal.
- Will be available at:

This is the Table Top Review for the KWC P-08 Luger CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol. I show you around this KWC P-08 Luger replica pistol and go over its main features and specifications. I also do a quick pre-test Field Test and talk about some of the pros & cons.

Another great classic ultra realistic pistol from KWC! It's really nice to see more and more of these classic pistols showing up and from multiple manufacturers. I liked the Umarex version which was all metal and a good overall Luger replica, KWC took it to the next level by adding blowback and a full size drop out metal magazine that holds the CO2 and BB's and by giving us the option of buying the KWC Luger P-08 in either 4.5mm Steel BB or 6mm Plastic Airsoft versions. If you're a Luger fan looking for ultra realism, this is the one to go with!

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