KWC M1911 Full Metal CO2 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol


The KWC M1911 is essentially is the Airsoft KWC version of the Cybergun Tanfoglio Witness 1911 without any branding and also in 6mm Airsoft caliber. The KWC M1911 features a full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's and the CO2 cartridge. It features a working slide with realistic blowback operation and can be fully field stripped just like the actual 1911 sidearm.


Caliber: 6mm
Slide: Blow-Back
Action: Double
FPS: 350-400
Ammo Type: Airsoft
Power Source: Co2

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04 Dec 2014
Certified buyer

Did I get a lemon?

I've had this pistol for a month now. While it has functioned properly so far, there are some major quality issues that affect the appearance of an otherwise fine pistol. The most serious is that the slide and the frame have different paint colour and finish: The frame's paint finish is slightly darker and smoother than the slide! It almost appears as if the slide and the frame came from different guns. I contacted Replica Airguns about this and even sent them photos to back up my claim, but they did not accept this as a manufacturing defect because the gun still works. This is a major disappointment. I certainly did not expect this kind of quality issue in a gun at this price point. Another thing with this pistol is that it came with a silver outer barrel that is threaded. This may look good on a modern version of the 1911 but does not match the classic World War II style of this pistol. Overall, I'm not happy with the purchase. A summary of the pros and cons follows. PROS - No "KWC MADE IN TAIWAN" markings (main reason I bought from this site) - No jams or malfunctions so far - Accuracy seems decent CONS - Slide and frame have different colour and finish (major irritant) - Slide has some wobble on frame - Some contours on slide not smooth (mold issue?) - Noticeable gap between slide and frame - Loading BBs into magazine is painful (literally) - Rough threaded muzzle - Paint wears easily
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