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Customer Reviews for Webley And Scott .177 Tempest Air Gun gun

Brand: Webley & Scott

Type: Spring-piston air pistol
Manufacturer: Webley
Model: Tempest
Materials: Mostly metal with minimal plastic parts
Weight: 953g (2.1 pounds)
Barrel: 175mm (6.9 inches), metal rifled
Power Source: Spring-piston operated
Action: Single shot
Ammo Type: .177 caliber pellets
Ammo Capacity: 1 pellet
FPS: 400-499

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Webley Tempest is very good, being that it is single action, there is next to no take-up and the pull itself is very light, yet not so light that you would accidentally shoot the gun. This helps a lot with accuracy. And to top it off, you can even adjust the trigger pull weight to your liking from 3-5 pounds!

Accuracy: Being that the Webley Tempest is a spring-piston design, there is a noticeable amount of felt recoil when the spring snaps backwards, and I say backwards because it compresses towards the front of the gun. With many spring-piston rifles the spring snaps forwards almost giving a reverse recoil effect. The Webley Tempest recoil hits you in a familiar direction which makes the airgun feel a bit more natural and I believe helped me to get a nice 1.5 inch 5 shot grouping from 30 feet out in a semi-rested position.

Build Quality: Build quality is very good, most of the gun is all metal with a few plastic parts, basically the nose cap and hand grips, everything else is metal on the Tempest. The Webley Tempest has a nice compact size for a spring-piston design and has a nice weight to it making it feel very solid but not overly heavy. I do have to say the cocking effort is very heavy and you will have to try a few different techniques until you find a way that works for you.

Realism: This is not a replica airgun so to speak of but the basic pistol grips and trigger are designed to replicate a revolver more than anything. The Tempest is very unique and its basic design roots go back to the 1920s.


  • Very accurate for a spring-piston air pistol
  • One crank - one shot
  • Mostly metal and very solid!
  • Fully adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation
  • Small and compact yet very effective power
  • Trigger pull adjustable from 3-5 pounds


  • If you're left handed the grips will not be as comfortable for you
  • Sight adjustment will take some time to get right
  • Spring recoil takes some getting used to so practice - practice - practice
  • Cocking effort is very heavy

Comments: Some people may qualify the fact that this "new version" is now made in Turkey but with that said I have been selling the Turkish-made Webley Alecto for some time now and it has been one of my most trouble free airguns in the web-store. The Tempest looks to me to be just as well made and a nice perk with the Turkish-made Tempest is its jump in velocity with the .177 getting right around 500 FPS, not bad at all for a fairly short barreled pistol. I also really like the small size this airgun has, it's no larger or heavier than say a Beretta 92 yet somehow it has to cram all the mechanics for the spring-piston design into it and still get good performance. The only real reason I would not recommend this gun to some people is if you are of slight build or perhaps have some hand or wrist problems, as it does take some effort to cock this gun.

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Money Value
Dec 03, 2016

Great quality

I have a Webley Hurricane, the slighter beefier version of the Tempest. Had it for 20+ years, and to this day it stands as a true testament to long lasting quality and performance. I've chronied it consistently at 452 fps, and able to maintain a 1`` group at 10 yards. Webley is definitely a long lasting tradition in quality built air pistols.
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Money Value
Jun 30, 2016

not to impressed for the price

this is an honest review of the pistol i receivedi bought one of these a few months ago and started having problems the first day it arrived , just couldn't get it sighted in properly , elevation was right at the top and still just barely hitting the center target at 30 feet. 2 out of 5 shots came close to bulls eye , the other 3 were all over the target , the best i could get was about a seven inch groupingi realize these have a pretty good kick back when fired but i have 2 other older Webley pistols .so i'm use to they way kick when fired.after readjusting the sights 3 or 4 times i was still getting the same results so i went and got my friends Chronograph the fps was all over the map , it fluctuated from 420 to 350 up and down , never getting the same shot very hard to sight in a pistol with such a great fluctuation in fps didn't come close to 499 fps , just barely hit the 400 fps point i returned the gun and received a full refund -shipping charges i honestly can't recommend this pistol
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