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Webley And Scott .177 Tempest Air Gun gun

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Type: Spring-piston air pistol
Manufacturer: Webley
Model: Tempest
Materials: Mostly metal with minimal plastic parts
Weight: 953g (2.1 pounds)
Barrel: 175mm (6.9 inches), metal rifled
Power Source: Spring-piston operated
Action: Single shot
Ammo Type: .177 caliber pellets
Ammo Capacity: 1 pellet
FPS: 400-499

Trigger Pull: The Webley Tempest's trigger pull is notably efficient, being a single action with virtually no take-up. The pull is sufficiently light for ease of shooting, but not so sensitive as to cause accidental firing. This significantly contributes to the airgun's accuracy. Additionally, you have the option to customize the trigger pull weight anywhere between 3-5 pounds.

Accuracy: The Webley Tempest operates on a spring-piston mechanism, resulting in a noticeable recoil when the spring retracts, a motion that occurs towards the gun's front. This differs from many spring-piston rifles where the spring moves forward, creating a reverse recoil effect. The Tempest's recoil direction feels more intuitive, which I believe aided in achieving a tight 1.5-inch grouping from 30 feet in a semi-rested stance.

Build Quality: The construction of the Tempest is predominantly metal, with only a few plastic components like the nose cap and grips. Its compact size and weight strike a balance between solidity and manageability, although cocking the airgun requires considerable effort and may necessitate experimenting with different techniques.

Realism: While not an exact replica, the Webley Tempest's design, particularly the grips and trigger, echoes that of a revolver. Its distinctive style traces back to designs from the 1920s, making it quite unique.


  • Exceptional accuracy for a spring-piston pistol.
  • Simple operation: one crank per shot.
  • Robust, mostly metal construction.
  • Windage and elevation adjustable rear sight.
  • Compact yet powerful.
  • Trigger pull can be adjusted between 3-5 pounds.


  • Left-handed shooters may find the grip less comfortable.
  • Adjusting the sight can be time-consuming.
  • Spring recoil requires acclimatization and practice.
  • Cocking the gun demands significant strength.


Despite concerns about the "new version" being manufactured in Turkey, my experience selling Turkish-made Webley Alectos has been very positive, with minimal issues. The Turkish-made Tempest seems to uphold this standard of quality. A notable advantage is the increased velocity, with the .177 caliber reaching about 500 FPS. Its compact size is also impressive, comparable to a Beretta 92 despite housing all the mechanics of a spring-piston system and maintaining high performance. The primary caveat for potential buyers would be the required physical strength to cock the gun, which might be challenging for some individuals.

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Action:Single Shot
FPS:450 and Above
Ammo Type:Pellet
Blowback Action:Non-Blowback

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Dec 03, 2016

Great quality

I have a Webley Hurricane, the slighter beefier version of the Tempest. Had it for 20+ years, and to this day it stands as a true testament to long lasting quality and performance. I've chronied it consistently at 452 fps, and able to maintain a 1`` group at 10 yards. Webley is definitely a long lasting tradition in quality built air pistols.
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Jun 30, 2016

not to impressed for the price

this is an honest review of the pistol i receivedi bought one of these a few months ago and started having problems the first day it arrived , just couldn't get it sighted in properly , elevation was right at the top and still just barely hitting the center target at 30 feet. 2 out of 5 shots came close to bulls eye , the other 3 were all over the target , the best i could get was about a seven inch groupingi realize these have a pretty good kick back when fired but i have 2 other older Webley pistols .so i'm use to they way kick when fired.after readjusting the sights 3 or 4 times i was still getting the same results so i went and got my friends Chronograph the fps was all over the map , it fluctuated from 420 to 350 up and down , never getting the same shot very hard to sight in a pistol with such a great fluctuation in fps didn't come close to 499 fps , just barely hit the 400 fps point i returned the gun and received a full refund -shipping charges i honestly can't recommend this pistol
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Webley Tempest Ultimate Back Packer Pellet Pistol Review

Webley Tempest Ultimate Back Packer Pellet Pistol Review

122 - 11/24/2021 7:53:36 PM

A classic air pistol with its roots going as far back as the 1920's, the Webley Tempest still holds its own with todays modern sprig piston air pistols. And perhaps in one category (Back Pack Pistol) it may even outshine most of them! Even though for the most part this website and YouTube channel are dedicated to replica style airguns, there are still many of us who plain and simple like all types of airguns and both appreciate and at times even need more of a single purpose target / hunting airgun for either pest control or taking with us while in the back country. If you plan on spending some time in the wilderness and may even be required to fend for yourself in terms of food, you would, I am sure appreciate something like the Webley Tempest in your backpack. It will add an additional 2.1 pounds plus the weight of a tin of lead pellets but you never know, it could even save your life if you get lost or injured and need to camp out till help arrives. Read full article here: Buy Webley Tempest Air gun in our Store:

Webley Tempest Pellet Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review

Webley Tempest Pellet Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review

556 - 12/15/2021 11:39:29 PM

Type: Apring piston air pistol. Manufacturer: Webley. Model: Tempest. Materials: Mostly metal with minimal plastic parts. Weight: 2.1 pounds. Barrel: 6.9 inches, metal rifled. Propulsion: Spring-piston-operated. Action: Single shot. Ammunition Type: .177 & .22 caliber pellets. Ammunition Capacity: 1 pellet. FPS: 400-499. Some people may qualify the fact that this "new version" is now made in Turkey but with that said I have been selling the Turkish made Webley Alecto for some time now and it has been one of my most trouble free airguns in the web-store. The Tempest looks to me to be just as well made and a nice perk with the Turkish made Tempest is its jump in velocity with the .22 actually hitting 400 fps and the .177 getting right around 500 fps, not bad at all for a fairly short barreled pistol. I also really like the small size this airgun has, it's no larger or heavier than say a Beretta 92 yet somehow it has to cram all the mechanics for the spring piston design into it and still get good performance. The only real reason I would not recommend this gun to some people is if you are of slight build or perhaps have some hand or wrist problems because it does take some effort to cock this gun, if this is a factor for you, you may want to go with the .177 caliber version as it does have a lighter cocking effort. Read full article here: Buy Webley Tempest Pellet Pistol in Canada:

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