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Silver Bullet Biodegradeable Airsoft BBs

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$ 16.10

Total: $16.10

Type: Airsoft Ammo
Manufacturer: Silver Bullet
Quantity: 2000
Weight: 0.20 g


  • Lighter ammo has a higher velocity
  • Compatible with most airsoft guns
  • Biodegradable BBs will not have a harmful impact on the environment


  • Heavier BBs have more stability in the air
  • Biodegradable BBs do not store well

Comments: Achieve record speeds with the Silver Bullet Bio Airsoft BBs. These lightweight .20g BBs are designed to fly through the air at high velocities. This is the standard weight used for almost all velocity tests. Compatible with most airsoft guns, these biodegradable 6mm BBs work great in AEGs. This bag includes 2,000.

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