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Gletcher TT CO2 NBB Steel BB gun

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Type:  BB Pistol
metal construction
1.37 pounds
4 inches
12 gram CO2 cartridge
single-action, nonblowback
Ammunition Type: 
4.5mm Steel BBs
Ammunition Capacity: 
18 rounds
394 fps

Comments: The most famous Soviet World War II era gun. For a long time the original model and its variations were used in the Soviet Army as well as a number of countries in the socialist camp. Due to its simplicity, power, and precision, this model won the admiration of soldiers and became truly legendary.


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Jun 29, 2019
Certified buyer

This is a superb Tokarev TT-33 replica Co2 pistol!

I have had the Tokarev TT-33 on my replica AirGuns "to-get" list for years, and actually passed on buying a Baikal mp656 TT-33 replica for $199 US back in 2010, because I wasn't impressed with the low muzzle velocity results I read about in AirGun reviews�� that Baikal mp656 is so rare in North America that they sell for around $1000 CDN , if one ever appears on the used AirGun market�� I finally started hunting for one of these Gletcher TT Co2 pistols last year and was disappointed when I learned that they were "out of stock" everywhere! At last an replica.airguns had this TT-NBB in stock and I bit the bullet and bought one, which very well be how many were in stock, because they are now "out of stock" again. Replica.airguns Canada shipped my AirGun very quickly, just like the last two air pistols I bought here! I recieved my Gletcher TT-NBB 4.5mm steel BB Co2 replica air pistol yesterday, and immediately charged it with Co2, loaded the magazine with Hornady Black Diamond anodized steel BB's, and shot 6 rounds thru my chronograph. My results were close to the manufacturers muzzle velocity rating of 410 fps, with a high of 426 fps and a low of 407 fps. The hot southern Ontario summer weather is great for Co2 airgunning and my chronograph results show that. I think that the Tokarev TT-33 is one of the most comfortable to hold, point & shoot, handgun designs. Gletcher really did a great job with the outer finish of he slide & frame. This Black/Grey colour looks amazing. The cardboard box packaging both looks great and protects the pistol in style, and having the eXploded view parts diagram on the underside of the box lid is a nice touch. Gletcher also included a well laid out users manual. All in all, this Gletcher TT-NBB is a wonderful replica Co2 pistol, that finally has a spot in my permanent collection, alongside my other replica air Pistols that are based on 20th century Military sidearms like the Legends Mauser M712, P-08 Parabellum NBB, Walther P-38, Colt M-45 CQBP and more��
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Gletcher TT Tokarev CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol Table Top Review

Gletcher TT Tokarev CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol Table Top Review

(267 raters) 40078 views - 1/15/2015 9:16:43 AM - Gletcher TT Tokarev CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol Table Top Review.

-12 gram CO2
-4.5mm Steel BB's
-Blowback: single action only.
-18 Round Full Size Drop Out Metal Magazine.
-361 FPS
-1.37 Pounds (Metal with plastic grips)
-Reviewed by:

This video is a walkthrough review of the Gletcher TT Tokarev CO2 BB Pistol. I show off this BB Replica close up from all angles and point out the mostly metal construction and go through the features and benefits of this very unique and historic replica BB pistol.

So far I have liked all the Gletcher guns that I have come across, it's great that Gletcher offers a lot of unique guns from the past, for me the Tokarev is near and dear to my heart since it is very 1911 like and I truly love the 1911 design. It only makes sense that I would own not only a real steel 1911 but also the Russian Tokarev. I'm not really sure how the Gletcher TT Tokarev is going to perform using the chronograph and during my paper target testing from 30 feet out but to be honest I really don't care all that much because this Tokarev BB pistol is not so much about performance or getting everything absolutely perfect, the Gletcher TT Tokarev BB Pistol is more about offering yet another BB pistol replica of one of the classic pistols at an affordable price and with quality in mind.

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