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Universal Double Magazine Pouch - Black

Total: $39.99

Amomax universal double magazine pouch offers 3 adjustable points to keep a consistent tight. It is designed to make the adjustment half the time now. Tension adjustment can be made in a tool-free way instead of Allen Key.To adjust tension, simply loosen or tighten the screw, then adjust the components on both sides, which helps to save more time for precision shooting.Available in 5 carrying ways for the spare magazines, the universal double magazine pouch is proper fit in shooting sports, tactical usage, personal defense, etc..


  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Amomax
  • Compatible with Universal 9mm, .40, .45 Caliber, Single or Double Stack Magazines
  • SpecificationUniversal Double Magazine Pouch - Black
    Options:Right Hand

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    Amomax Airsoft Airgun Holster Update Review

    Amomax Airsoft Airgun Holster Update Review

    (96 raters) 2636 views - 6/3/2021 5:35:53 PM
    Make sure to visit my written post for this video with additional photos over on

    Wow, an accessory review, not many of these :) Today I take a look at the Amomax Airsoft Airgun Holster product line since at some point you may want to put your gun in a holster or practice drawing your gun from a holster?

    The good news is we just got in a decent amount of product for our Amomax Airsoft Airgun Holsters. Here is a bit of info about Amomax but of course make sure to watch the video as I take a good look at a few of the versions we sell in our Canada and US online Replica Airguns Stores.

    Amomax holsters are compatible with 4 different carrying platforms :paddle (standard), belt clip, MOLLE, and drop leg platforms. All the carrying platforms can be replaced by only one screw. Users can carry them in daily use, outdoor sports, normal shooting training and competition. Holster will stay firmly on a belt, leg and MOLLE system even in fast moving situations with a quick release Retention System button that keeps the gun locked in place until you are ready to draw. Holster body and carrying platform are connected with a tooth gear that allows for 360 degrees of rotation. User can easily adjust the carrying position to fit their needs.

    Amomax Holsters are currently available in the following versions:
    -Glock 17/22/31
    -1911 (Fits most brands 1911’s)
    -Sig P320
    -Single and double Universal Magazine

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