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ASG Madbull M576 Rubber Head Airsoft Grenade

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Type: Airsoft Grenade Shell
Manufacturer: ASG
Power Source: Green Gas
Ammo Type: 40mm Rubber Slug
Ammo Capacity: 1 Rounds


  • Authentic replica of an M576 40mm grenade
  • Fires a realistic rubber warhead slug
  • Effective for ranges up to 70 feet
  • Compatible with most 40mm airsoft grenade launchers
  • Durable metal shell


  • Requires a grenade launcher to fire
  • Does not fire airsoft BBs

Comments: ASG and Madbull have delivered the most realistic airsoft grenade to date! This green gas powered 40mm shell launches a single rubber slug round up to 70ft. It loads into any 40mm grenade launcher gun or RIS mount and fires off with a loud blast.

Buy the Gun: ASG17339, ASG17195, ASG15351

Power Source:Green Gas
Magazine Capacity:1
Magazine Type:Grenade Shell

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