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Walther Cpsport Pellet gun

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Type: Pellet air pistol
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: Walther CP Sport
Materials: Plastic (polymer) and metal construction
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Barrel: 3.3 inches, metal rifled
Propulsion: CO2 x 1
Action: Semi-auto, double action only
Ammunition Type: .177 caliber Pellets
Ammunition Capacity: 8-shot rotary magazine
FPS: 360

Trigger Pull: The Umarex Walther CP Sport features a trigger pull that's moderately weighted, with the initial and mid phases requiring most of the effort. However, it reaches a predictable point of release that aids in accurately landing pellets on target, showcasing a lighter trigger pull compared to the Umarex Walther PPQ previously reviewed.

Accuracy: In my testing, firing at a target 20 feet away in a standing position, the CP Sport achieved a solid 2-inch grouping slightly left and above the target center. Its sights are windage adjustable to correct aim that's off-center. Chronograph testing with 6.9-grain lead pellets nearly matched the manufacturer's 360fps claim, averaging 356 fps over eight shots.

Build Quality: Constructed predominantly from polymer externally, with numerous internal metal parts, the Walther CP Sport maintains a good weight and feel. It notably includes a full-sized magazine that drops out for CO2 cartridge insertion, contributing to the airgun's weight and functionality. The craftsmanship and material quality appear very durable and well-finished.

Realism: Licensed by Walther and drawing inspiration from the Walther P99's frame, the CP Sport's design diverges more significantly in its slide detailing. For those seeking a more faithful P99 replica, the Umarex CP99 Pellet pistol is recommended.


  • Offers great value for a German-engineered airgun with comprehensive features.
  • Compatible with BBs using Umarex's rotary BB magazine.
  • Features a rifled barrel and windage-adjustable white dot sights.
  • Includes functional slide catch safety and a realistic full-size CO2 magazine.
  • Delivers a balanced mix of power, accuracy, and CO2 efficiency, yielding approximately 100 shots per CO2 cartridge.
  • Despite its plastic exterior, it possesses substantial weight thanks to its internal metal components.
  • Serves as an economical alternative to the Umarex CP99 for budget-conscious buyers.


  • The predominance of plastic in the exterior might not appeal to all, especially those preferring metal construction.
  • Detailing on the slide could be enhanced for a more authentic appearance.
  • The small .177 caliber visible barrel port detracts slightly from realism but may contribute to higher fps.


The Umarex Walther CP Sport Pellet air pistol strikes an excellent balance between quality and affordability. Despite its extensive use of plastic, it performed flawlessly across 100 shots without a single misfire, evidencing its reliability and accuracy. The smooth operation of all mechanical components ensures a satisfying shooting experience, reinforcing the shooter's confidence in the gun's consistent performance.

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