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Walther CP99 Nickel Slide Air gun

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$ 252.41

Total: $252.41

Type: Pellet air pistol
Manufacturer: Umarex 
Model: Walther CP99
Materials: Metal and plastic (polymer) construction
Weight: 1 pound 10.5 ounces (752 grams)
Barrel: 3.3 inches, metal rifled
Propulsion: CO2 x 1
Action: Semi-auto, single and double action
Ammunition Type: .177 caliber pellets
Ammunition Capacity: 8-shot rotary magazine
FPS: 360

Trigger Mechanics: The Umarex Walther CP99 features a double-action trigger with a moderate pull weight, mainly requiring effort in the initial and mid-phases as it prepares the hammer and rotates the magazine. However, it offers a consistent release point for precise pellet placement. Activating the rear slide switches the CP99 to a single-action mode, significantly reducing the trigger weight, ideal for precise shooting.

Shooting Accuracy: In a semi-rested position at 20 feet, the air pistol achieved a compact one-inch grouping of eight shots, slightly left of the target. Windage adjustments are possible if shots consistently veer off-center. Preliminary tests with 6.9-grain RWS lead pellets showed an average velocity of around 346 fps, closely aligning with the manufacturer's claim of 360 fps.

Construction and Design: The Umarex Walther CP99 combines metal and polymer materials, with significant metal components internally, contributing to its substantial weight. Notably, it includes a full-size drop-out magazine for CO2, adding both weight and functionality. The CP99, made in Germany, boasts high-quality construction and finish, with excellent polymer quality.

Authenticity: Officially licensed by Walther, the CP99 is modeled after the Walther P99, with a frame closely resembling the original, though the slide design slightly differs. While the CP99 mimics the P99, the safety feature diverges from the original, with Umarex opting for a noticeable safety on the right slide. Yet, the functional de-cocker, slide catch, and full-size magazine enhance its authentic feel.


  • Functional slide catch and de-cocker.
  • Precision rifled barrel.
  • Windage-adjustable sights.
  • Functional slide catch and magazine release.
  • Substantial full-size CO2 magazine.
  • Balances power, accuracy, and CO2 efficiency well, achieving around 100 shots per cartridge.
  • Accessory rail included.
  • Walther licensing.
  • German craftsmanship.


  • Priced at the higher end.
  • Double-action triggers may occasionally feel sticky.
  • Atypical safety design compared to the real Walther P99.
  • Lacks a recessed barrel.


The Umarex Walther CP99 Pellet CO2 Air Pistol represents an upgrade from the Walther CP Sport. It offers a more accurate representation of the P99, incorporating additional metal parts and both single and double-action triggers. These enhancements do increase the price by about $100, but they substantiate its value. For Walther enthusiasts, the CP99 is a worthy addition to any airgun collection, combining quality, realism, and performance.

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
FPS:350 to 400
Ammo Type:Pellet
Power Source:Co2
Blowback Action:Non-Blowback

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