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Customer Reviews for Umarex Walther CP88 Competition CO2 NBB Pellet gun

Brand: Umarex Canada

Type: Pellet Pistol
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: Walther CP88 Competition
Materials: Full Metal
Weight: 1161 g (2.56 lb)
Barrel: 5.5 Inches, Rifled
Power Source: CO2
Action: Semi-Automatic, Single and Double Action
Ammo Type: .177 Lead Pellets
Ammo Capacity: 8 Rounds
FPS: 407

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Umarex Walther CP88 Competition is extremely nice in both single and double action mode with the single action having the lightest and shortest pull, making it really easy to shoot on target with accuracy.

Accuracy: Previously using my Standard CP88 (non-competition version), I shot this air gun at a target from 20 feet away in a free standing position, and it performed very well getting about a two inch grouping close to the center of the target and staying in the two inch sweet spot even with 3 magazines or 24 rounds shot, I shot just a little bit high and to the right. The good news is the sights can be adjusted for windage if you are shooting a tad bit to the left or right. My Chrony testing with an eight shot averaged result was 360 fps using 6.9 grain RWS pellets. I will be conducting a new Field Test Shooting review using my CP88 Competition version versus the shorter barreled version to see how they both perform in the exact same test environment.

Build Quality: This is an almost all metal air gun with great fit and finish and a nice dense 2.56 pound weight to it. It's made in Germany, so you know it's made right? The only plastic parts to speak of are the grips which are a hard matte black plastic which matches the rest of the airgun nicely. All the mechanical parts operation are as smooth as butter.

Realism: The Umarex Walther CP88 Competition is a licensed replica of the real Walther P88 semi auto pistol. It looks very close to the real steel with the exception of the break in the slide where the rotary magazine is accessible and the extra "C" in the name.


  • All metal construction - Very good weight and solid feeling gun
  • German made!
  • Fully Walther Licensed
  • Comes in a nice hard-shell case
  • Very nice looking gun with the Matte black finish
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage
  • Both Double and Single action trigger pulls are very smooth and light
  • Ambidextrous safety just like the real steel version
  • Should have equally good accuracy to the standard CP88, and perhaps a bit more FPS with the longer barrel


  • More expensive than many entry level guns but much higher quality
  • Sights may be a bit hard to see on certain dark backgrounds since there are no white dots
  • White warning engraving on the right side of the gun is a bit loud on the black color
  • May be too heavy for some shooters? 

Comments:I have to say I pretty much like mostly everything about this airgun. Its size, its looks, its German build and quality and the way it shoots. The Umarex Walther CP88 Competition air pistol is one of those airguns I think everyone should save up for just to have the pleasure to own and shoot. It may not have blowback or a full size drop out magazine like some of the other newer styled flashier air pistols but I can tell you it is a real joy to shoot. When you hold it in your hand and point it at the target, all you can think about is how much fun you are having with this quality air gun that is sure to give you many years of enjoyment!

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Oct 09, 2018

It’s a keeper

This all steel German made pistol has amazing workmanship. I have owned my CP88 for over a year now and have shot over 8000 pellets with it up to this day. The FPS average is the same today as it was out of the box (-5 FPS). The pistol has been flawless in every way and I think it will be in my collection for a very long time ( okay it’s my favourite). I shoot RWS Meisterkugeln .177 Cal Wadcutter for pistols and I get amazing accuracy with these pellets. I didn’t like the sights on the Walther, I found them too wide, so I bought a 4x32 scope and now I get the full potential of the gun. I have it sighted in for 15m and I get a 1.5” grouping with my Meisterkugeln dream pellets. The only 2 negative things for me are: The sights are not adjustable for elevation (no problem with a scope). The trigger is not a two-stage adjustable trigger. I find the trigger pull in double action a bit to long, but it’s very smooth. It’s worth saving your money to buy one of these German made pistols. You will not be disappointed and will have it for a lifetime.
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Sep 05, 2018

Great quality.

It handles well and works flawlessly. Great grouping, but use RWS pellets. Bought some daisy pellets and they do not work well with the Walther rotation 8 hole mags.
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Mar 11, 2017

Most accurate pistol in my collection

If you want a well made high quality air pistol with power and accuracy, this is the gun. I use umarex co2 with this pistol and it fits well with no leak. From my experience crosman co2 works well with CYBERGUN/KJ WORKS/CROSMAN airguns, and umarex co2 fits best with umarex airguns
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Dec 12, 2016

The best of the lot

If you want top accuracy in a pellet gun, this is the one. I fired the CP88 Competition on paper targets at a range of approximately 25 feet (indoors: as it's too cold outside ;-)) with various types of pellets. It is very powerful and precise, and I'm confident that it would perform well at distances of 30-40 feet without a problem. Two thumbs up!
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Oct 05, 2015
Certified buyer


Excellent pistolet! J'adore. La précision est surprenante et le poids fait que l'on a pas l'impression d'avoir un jouet entre les mains.
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