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Umarex HK P30 CO2 Pellet & BB Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review

0 - 12/16/2021 7:47:19 PM
Type: Pellet & BB air pistol. Manufacturer: Umarex. Model: HK P30. Materials: Metal & plastic construction. Weight: 1.7 pounds. Barrel: 3.88 inches, metal rifled. Propulsion: CO2 x 1. Action: Semi auto, single and double action. Ammunition Type: .177 caliber lead pellets & 4.5mm Steel BB's. Ammunition Capacity: 8 shot pellet rotary magazine & 15 shot inline BB magazine. FPS: 360/410 I have had a lot of people ask me to review this air pistol and to be honest I thought it would be just like the other Umarex German made rotary magazine pellet shooters, and that's not a bad thing! But it is different then the rest as it is the only one that also has the ability to shoot BB's by loading up the inline drop out magazine with 15 BB's and fitting the BB adapter where the rotary magazine would normally go. I also really like the look and feel of this gun. It is the perfect size and weight, not too big or small and not to heavy or light. I would really lie to get my hands on the real steel HK P30 to see if it has similar characteristics? If you want the best of both worlds, an accurate CO2 pellet pistol and an action shooting high capacity BB shooter, you can have it all with the HK P30. Read full article here: Buy Umarex Umarex HK P30 in Canada: Buy the Umarex HK P30 in the US: