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Daisy Powerline 617X and 008 CO2 Pellet-BB Pistol Field Test Shooting Video

0 - 11/20/2021 9:02:12 PM
The weather has been bad, cold, wet and dark, not conducive for Airgun testing at all but it has been a long time since I got outside to shoot any of my guns and so I braved the storm and setup all my lights and cameras and made a shooting video for you all :) I was really curious about the Daisy CO2 Pellet/BB shooters I made a table top review of just recently, the Daisy Powerline 617X and Daisy Powerline Model 008. So I loaded some fresh CO2, a mag of 7 grain lead pellets and a mag of 4.5mm Steel BB's for each gun and conducted my Chronograph and Target tests accordingly. I shot 5 round of pellets and 5 rounds of steel BB's throughout my Chronograph using the Powerline 617X first and then the Powerline 008 secondly. Both guns performed really close during the chrony section shooting the pellets at close to 400 fps and the steel BB's at just over 400 fps. The Daisy 008 seemed to be releasing more CO2 with each shot because it seemed louder and had more kick, but because of the shorter barrel I did not see an increase in fps over the Daisy 617X. I would image the Daisy 617X will get more shots per CO2 in the long run. Read full article here: Buy Daisy Guns in the Canada Store: Buy Daisy Guns in the US Store: