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ROHM RG-300 and RG 3 .22 Caliber Blank Pistol Table Top Review

0 - 11/17/2021 8:36:24 PM
Type: Blank Pistols. Manufacturer: ROHM (RÖHM). Model: RG-300, RG 3 Materials: Mostly Metal. Weight: 1 / .75 pounds. Barrel: Front firing semi plugged. Propulsion: Gun powder. Action: Double action only. Ammunition Type:.22 Caliber Crimped. Ammunition Capacity: 10 / 6 rounds. FPS: N/A. One nice point with the .22 caliber blank shooters is the lower cost to shoot them, .22 caliber crimped blanks work out to be much cheaper than the 8mm & 9mm P.A.K. or .380 crimped blanks. Sure they are a bit quieter but louder than you might think, especially when coming out of a short barrel. Another selling point is how compact both of these guns really are which makes them easy to pack around if you want to take one with you on a hike or outing as a deterrent for any wildlife that may get a bit too close to you. The RG-300 and RG 3 are two very nice additions to the ROHM blank guns we sell in the Canada Replica Airguns Store. Read full article here: Buy ROHM Blank Pistols in Canada: