Customer Reviews for Umarex Legends Cowboy CO2 NBB Steel BB Rifle

Brand: Umarex

Type: BB Rifle
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: Cowboy
Materials: Metal and polymer
Weight: 2.72 kg (6 lb)
Barrel: 482.6 (19 in), metal, non-rifled, smoothbore
Power Source: 12g CO2 x 2
Action: Lever action
Ammo Type: 4.5mm steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 10 rounds
FPS: 410

Buy the magazine: UMX2254049

Trigger Pull: Pretty much a single action only trigger since you will need to work the lever action to not only eject and chamber a shell, but to also precock the hammer. Once the hammer is cocked and ready, the trigger pull is short, light and crisp, perfect for accurate shooting.

Accuracy: I only shot 16 rounds during the making of my review and found the Umarex Legends Cowboy to shoot right on target at 30 feet out. I did notice it shot just slightly high at this range, but not a lot. It was dead center windage-wise. For longer ranges, you can adjust the rear sight to raise the barrel even more. In terms of power, it’s hard to say what I was getting, Umarex says it should hit around 410 FPS. I felt like it was close to this, maybe a tad bit faster, but I will find out for sure when I perform my Field Test Shooting Video shortly.

Build Quality: The rifle looks and feels great, coming in at nearly 6 pounds and built out of mostly metal with a plastic stock. Don’t be too put out by the plastic stock, it does mimic the part of wood very well. All the metal parts have a semi-gloss or a matte black finish, and so far the paint is wearing pretty well. No noticeable paint coming off that I can see. The action works great with no failure to chamber, eject, or shoot rounds.

Realism: The Umarex Legends Cowboy BB Rifle is an awesome example of the classic lever action cowboy rifle. Having the ejecting shells makes it feel like you are shooting the real deal right from the time you start loading up the 10 shells into the pipe magazine, until you work that lever action and pull the trigger. Watching the ejected shells fly through the air is the icing on the cake. :) There is not much more you can ask for from a BB-firing replica lever action cowboy rifle!


  • Lever action rifle stays true to real steel firearm
  • Full metal frame and faux-wood polymer stock looks very much like real wood
  • Compatible with Umarex Peacemaker BB cartridges
  • Realistic shell loading and ejection
  • Dual CO2 helps get more shots before reloading CO2 and more consistent FPS from all shots
  • Rear sight can be adjusted for windage and elevation


  • Stock is not real wood, hopefully Umarex offers a wood upgrade at some time
  • Took too long for us to get it here in Canada!

Comments: Take yourself back to the days of the Wild West with the Legends Cowboy BB Rifle from Umarex. The Legends Cowboy is a perfect example of an airgun company listening to their customers and bringing to market exactly what we are looking for. Modelled after the Winchester 1894, this CO2-powered rifle uses lever-action design to fire off 10 rounds of steel BBs downrange. These old cowboy guns are a blast to shoot form the time you pick up rifle, insert 10 shells into the magazine, work the lever action, pull that trigger, and then repeat 9 more times. Its full metal frame and imitation wood stock and handguard gives the rifle its realistic look to satisfy your inner cowboy. This is a must have for anyone looking for a super realistic BB rifle. Even if you’re not an Old West cowboy fan, I think you will love shooting the Umarex Legends Cowboy CO2 BB Rifle!

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Feb 25, 2020

Very realistic

A true working lever action-just wish it could have been a true to detail Winchester. Havent shot it yet.Have to give a value for accuracy so just a guess.Plastic stock not bad.
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Dec 07, 2019

Legends Cowboy Lever Action Rifle

Straight out of the box, the rifle is fun to shoot. Very very accurate from 40 ft away, or maybe it's just me (pat on the back). Love the way you load the cartridges and the ejection, lever action etc. Good build quality. Very realistic. Mike's comments and review are dead on accurate. My dislikes are 1-Cost of the rifle and 2-the butt plate. I feel that, in time,. when it comes to loading/unloading co2 cartridges, that connection to the main rifle parts will fail. Having said all that, I loved the rifle so much that I purchased a second one "as a spare". Move over Chuck Connors (The Rifleman) as there is a new kid in town. (joke)
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Oct 22, 2019

Good but could be better

the gun is amazing. But the plastics is a little bit of a let down. Accuracy is good but shoots up 20 yards back
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Aug 24, 2019


This Rifle is really nice, The fit & finish is beautiful. The shell loading and ejection mechanism works flawless. accuracy seems spot on and has no problem blasting apart clay pigeons or tearing apart feral pop tins.. It would be nice if they would offer a big loop lever available as a parts option. The faux wood stock looks amazing and doesn't bother me at all. I'm a big fan of lever action rifles and really enjoy this cowboy action rifle. Get one you wont regret it
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