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Customer Reviews for Umarex HK MP5 K-PDW CO2 Blowback Steel BB Submachine Gun

Brand: Umarex Airguns Canada

Type: BB Rifle
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: H&K MP5K PDW
Materials: Metal and Polymer
Weight: 1088 g (2.4 lb)
Barrel: 9.75 Inches, Smoothbore
Power Source: CO2
Action: Semi-Automatic, Blowback
Ammo Type: Steel BBs 4.5mm
Ammo Capacity: 40 Rounds
FPS: 400

Trigger Pull: Long and hard (trigger actuates the barrel forward allowing a BB to load and then snapping back to activate the CO2 release).
Accuracy: Medium to good.
Build Quality: Lots of plastic but it does not feel cheap, the internal mechanical parts and frame appear to be made of out of metals.
Realism: Even though there is a lot of plastic this is a 1 to 1 scale replica with full H&K licensing. It is a very accurate replica of the original.


  • Being able to own an H&K MP5 for just over $100
  • High capacity 40 round magazine
  • Blowback action gives some feedback
  • Very nice folding stock


  • Does not come with picatinny rail adapter for Red Dot or scope accessory
  • Blowback does not operate action
  • Mainly plastic
  • CO2 hard to get to

Comments: The Umarex H&K MP5K PDW 4.5mm BB Replica is a very realistic BB Repeater. It's fun to shoot and seems to have an endless magazine. The Blowback does give it a little bit of recoil when you have a fresh CO2, just don't expect too much. The outer shell of the gun is mainly made out of plastic but for about $125 you really can't expect an all metal version. If you're looking for a true Tactical styled BB gun, this would make an excellent choice.

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Apr 30, 2020

Good but could be better

Grate gun, good quality but blow black is just for looks doesn’t work when shooting and co2 only last 120 shots (3 clips ). I thought the co2 would have lasted longer but other then that great gun.
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Apr 01, 2020

HK - MP5 K-PDW CO2 4.5mm/ .177cal BB

Comparable size an weight. Good for training and shooting drills. Very accurate although necessary adjustments for sights is required. (Paint front blade site, and rear site for better picture and target acquisition. CO2 cartridges last approximately 4-6 full mags of BB, but begins to taper off around 4th mag dependent on rate of fire. (Controlled fire, vice mag dumping). Blow back action had nothing to do with firing mechanism; however, still very cool feature effect. Mimics all relevant fire controls, bolt, fire/safe mechanism, magazine release, features are very close to original. Very good value for money for casual backyard BB shooter on a responsibly set-up range.
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Aug 25, 2018
Certified buyer

Very nice gun

I’m very excited for this gun. It was nice looking and the delivery is fast. Thank you. Another Gun added to my collection.
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Jun 22, 2018

Leaks gas, stopped working

I really loved this when I first bought. Good weight and finish. Comfortable to hold and shoot. I bought additional sight and laser for it. Fairly accurate. After several months, the gun started to leak air from any C02 cartridge and was useless. This was less than 6 CO2 cartridges and under 300 shots. You cannot fix it, there are no repair parts. I brought it to a local shop and they advised it's not repairable. So now it sits in a closet. I cannot recommend this airgun.
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Jan 03, 2016


Wonderful BB gun ! Very fun, very realistic.The sights are what is found on the Real SMG. Not meant for snipers ;-)The MP5 design family of firearms is ~50 years old, so no modern standard 'rails' are built in. However, I found a Chinese knock-off rail adapter on eBay for 10% the cost of a genuine HK adapter. It now sports a laser sight!Well worth the price.
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Sep 19, 2015

Awesome Airgun

Purchased this after watching the table top and field test reviews. Well, I was not dissapointed, in fact, this replica exceeded my expectations.Even without full auto this airgun is totally awesome. Good weight, feel, look and overall function. Love the blowback action and the way it chews up tin cans. I did not give it 5 for accuracy but it is what it is, a great plinker. Would highly recommend this product and the great service at Replica Airguns.
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Jan 06, 2015

mp5 fans will enjoy this product

Good replica of a mp5. 50 round magazine lets you shoot a ton before reloading. Also get about 100 shots per co2 cartridge. Trigger pull is hard and may make your trigger finger tired. Locks back on the last shot which is nice to not waste co2 and adds to the realism. Not accurate thou, no matter how much I adjust the sights.
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