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Brand: Umarex Canada

Type:  BB Rifle
Converter T.A.C.
polymer construction
0.97 pounds
4.25 inches
12 gram Co2 cartridge
double action
Ammunition Type: 
4.5mm Steel BBs
Ammunition Capacity: 
19 rounds
410 fps

Comments: With the Umarex TAC Converter you can convert your air pistol. The TAC Converter allows you to convert certain air-powered handguns without any modifications to the pistol. The Umarex TAC Converter provides you with the tactical benefits of KPOS conversion systems for firearms. The compact design fits select Umarex handgun models including the HK USP BB gun, S&W MP40 BB gun, Umarex XBG, Combat Zone Enforcer airsoft pistol, HK USP airsoft gun, and the Walther P99 DAO airsoft gun. The TAC is one of the most edgy tools to hit the airgun market. The front handgrip provides for added control and accuracy at longer distances.

The TAC Converter is the perfect setup for airgun and airsoft shooters who are looking to increase the capabilities of their handgun in a new way. It's easy to attach to your air powered handgun!

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Jun 15, 2020

Tac converter

Goupille pour verrouiller le pistolet sont fragiles Cassez une la première utilisation Fait sur mon glock 17 gen 4 avec modification mineur
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May 02, 2020

Make sure you have the right Gun

First of all I guess I made a mistake purchasing this. I bought this to for my Umarex HK USP Blowback. But it doesn’t fit.( I guess it’s made for the older HK USP which is NBB) since I cannot return it because it’s in a clamshell packaging, I am trying a way to custom fit my USP. i even tried to contact Umarex because in the “C packet conversion kit” the indicated gun there says “HK P8” which is I don’t know why is that or what’s HK P8 even means... but in the manual it says that the C packet is for HK USP. So I don’t really know how I got it wrong or how am I going to retro fit this. But I really like it that I even bought a red dot scope while waiting for it to arrived. that’s why I still try to make it work other wise I might just as well buy another gun that fits this one. Product review: Full Polymer (wish they added metal parts even the picatinny rails are plastic) Light weight but by adding accessories it will become heavy Flash hider is non removable but has a thread Nice inclusion of folding forward grip Good for stabilizing Inexpensive way of customization
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Apr 22, 2020

It works great!

Wow I love it, kinda brutal that it only fits 5 guns but sweet.
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