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T4K Flashlight - 4000 Lumens

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Manufacturer: Nitecore
Maximum Brightness: 4000 lumen
Beam Color: White
Peak Beam Distance: 228 yards
Peak Beam Intensity: 10900cd
IP Rating: IP54
Impact Resistance: 1m
Modes/Brightness Output: Turbo (4000 lumen/ 10 Second Burst), High (200 lumen/ 2hr 45 min), Mid (65 lumen/7hr), Low (15 lumen/21hr), Ultralow (1 lumen/ 67hr)
Length: 82.3 mm / 3.24 in
Head Size: 29.2 mm / 1.15 in
Weight: 77 g / 2.72 Oz


  • Utilizes a total reflective optic system for uniform and soft light
  • Multi-functional OLED real-time display for lumens, battery voltage, runtime etc.
  • Built-in 1000 mAh USB-C rechargeable battery
  • Advanced Power Cut-off (APC) technology for an ultra-low standby power consumption
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output to 67 hours
  • 2 user modes available (Daily or Constant) with direct access to TURBO
  • Dual side switch design
  • 5 brightness levels available with direct access to TURBO
  • Intelligent memory function
  • 2 lockout modes available (Half Lockout Mode and Full lockout Mode)
  • Incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module
  • Metal ring pull able to withstand up to 30 kilograms of weight
  • HA III hard anodized finish


  • Max peak beam intensity of 10,900 cd and max throw of 4,000 lumens
  • Max output of 4,000 lumens

Comments: This compact Nitecore T4K comes of a perfect size to be easily fitted onto a key chain or inside your pocket for a very discreet on the go carry.  With four high powered LED, it will definitely surprise you with one of the brightest outputs available in a flashlight of this size.  It is as easy to operate with no complex UI or awkwardly placed button but simply a power button for on and off, and a mode button to cycle through brightness settings.

Colour:Flashlight - T4K - 4000 Lumens

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