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Ronin TK45 PDW Tanker Battery Extension Unit

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$ 34.99

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Type: External Part
Manufacturer: Airtech Studios
Materials: Nylon


  • Extends battery space for KWA TK45 PDW
  • BEU protects wiring from overbending to for longer life
  • Vented side crevices keeps battery components cool
  • Strong and flexible nylon construction can withstand rough handling
  • Steadies buttstock by locking down TK45's two metal rails


  • Compatible only with KWA Ronin AEGs
  • Extends stock length which can be bothersome for some

Comments: The Airtech Studios Tanker BEU is custom-made to provide additonal space for the KWA TK45 PDW's battery compartment while fitting seamlessly into the stock with no extra modifications needed.

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