Pyrotechnic Scare Cartridges 15mm - 50ct.

Total: $40.49

Type: Flares
Range: 37 m (120 ft)
Capacity: 50 Rounds
Colour: None


  • Effective for scaring off bears, birds, and other wild animals
  • Creates a loud explosive noise that can be heard for miles
  • Can be fired from 6mm and 9mm blank guns


  • Does not create a visual signal like other flares

Comments: Get a louder bang for your buck with these 15mm scare cartridges. Load up your blank pistol or revolver with one of these flares to create a resonating bang that’s louder than a real gun shot. Flares shot into the air will travel 90 to 120 feet before exploding. Packaged in a box of 50 rounds.

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