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Nitecore NTK05 TC4 Titanium Folding Scalpel Keychain Knife

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When precision matters, there is the NITECORE NTK05 titanium keychain scalpel blade knife. This exquisitely CNC crafted titanium scalpel blade is made of TC4 aerospace grade titanium; it offers incredibly high strength, durability, low density and corrosion resistance.

THE NTK05 is everyday carry ready with a built in keychain hole on the grip. Experience all the benefits of an ultrasharp scalpel blade with the compact design of a folder, weighing under 5 grams and shorter than 4" once opened. The NTK05 is perfect for all utility cutting tasks such as box cutting, package opening, rope incising.

You never need to worry about a dull blade with the NTK05 as it takes standard no. 11 scalpel replacement blades. Have peace of mind that NTK05 is safe and secure. A concealed blade lock secures the NTK05 in place when completely unfolded to keep you and your fingers safe. The NTK05 ensures the blade cannot be removed or dismantled while the the blade is fully extended for an added peace of mind.


  • Weight: 0.169 oz
  • Folded Length: 2.17 in
  • Unfolded Length: 3.82 in
  • Material: TC4 Titanium alloy
  • Blade: No. 11 Scalpel Blade
  • Dimensions: L-2.17"xW-0.12"xH-0.7"
  • Weight: 0.17oz


  • Ultra tiny portable EDC ready
  • Built-in keychain loop
  • TC4 aerospace grade titanium alloy construction
  • CNC milled titanium .001mm tolerance
  • Ultra lightweight .169oz - less than a credit card
  • Easily replaceable scalpel blades

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