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NcSTAR VISM Adjustable gun Rear Sight Tool

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Type: Sights
Manufacturer: NcSTAR
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 178 mm (7 inches) x 51 mm (2 inches) x 121 mm (4.75 inches)
Weight: 1063 g (37.5 ounces)
Colour: Blue


  • Heavy duty aluminum frame with steel bars
  • Top and side braces adjust to fit your slide
  • Horizontal and vertical clamps secure various sizes and shapes of slides
  • Can be bolted or clamped to a table
  • Works with most semi-automatic slides


  • Stationary tool, not designed to be carried around
  • Designed specifically for pistols

Comments: Adjust your semi-auto pistol sights with the NcSTAR VISM Adjustable Pistol Sight Tool. The tool secures the slide with its side clamps and then uses its rear pusher to slide off the sight in any direction. Its aluminum frame with steel parts makes it a heavy duty addition to your workstation.

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