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Raven X Modular Drop Leg Platform

Total: $29.99

Type: Drop Leg Panel
Maufacturer: Raven X
Material: Nylon
Dimensions: 229 mm (9 in) x 254 mm (10 in)


  • Customizable platform can be loaded with the modular attachments of your choice
  • Two removable leg straps with a non-slip rubber lining
  • 5 rows of PALS straps offers plenty of space without too much bulk
  • Straps have quick release buckles for easy on and off


  • Holster and other attachments not included
  • Straps take time to adjust properly

Comments: Through thick and thin, the Raven X Modular Drop Leg Platform will stay on your body at all times. This large panel secures in place with a belt clip and two adjustable leg straps. The panel provides a large amount of customizable space, and can be equipped for a wide range of different missions. Includes durable nylon construction and quick release buckles.


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