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Master Mike Blast Shell Powered w/ Gas

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Manufacturer: Airsoft Innovations
Type: Blast Shell
Gas: Propane, Green Gas
Capacity: 100 rounds
Velocity: 220 fps/ 0.2g BB
Compatibility: All 40mm Grenade Launchers
Build: Injection molded polymer, aluminum alloy
Length: 3.7" (93 mm)


  • Perfect option for close range engagements and room clearing
  • Wider spread compared to the narrow spread of the 40 Mike means good news for you
  • Further reach compared to standard airsoft grenade shells
  • Muzzle velocity is lower than the 40 mike (it won't hurt as much!)
  • Compatible fit in all 40mm airsoft grenade launchers


  • 10ft diameter blast at 20ft
  • 60ft range
  • 220 FPS muzzle velocity
  • 100 BB capacity

Comments: Built with the same concept of the 40 Mike, the new Master Mike tends to be a bit more comfortable and practical for closer range engagements. It features a much wider spread (10ft spread at 20ft distance) than its predecessor at 220 FPS and comes slightly shorter (93mm length) to fit a wider range of launchers. 


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