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Brand: Misc

This WE variant is based on the original technical drawing and modularity of the original M9 platform. Ultimately, this pistol features the same modularity and design of the standard WE M92; realistic weight, full metal build, plastic textured grip, hard kicking blowback action and the highly reliable slide lock. The only difference is that this model exceptionally comes with an extended inner barrel and slide that allows it to cock at a higher FPS and add more range to your target than the smaller version. The front and rear sights are done professionally and finished with the quality you would expect from WE. The pistol simply feels great in the hand and function exactly like the real firearm. Moreover, the matte black finish in combination with its sliver slide gives it a very spectacular and eye catching look instantly turning it to Airsoft Royalty.


  • Manufacturer: We-Tech
  • Bullet Type: 6 mm BB
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~380 FPS (Measured w/ 0.20g BBs and Green Gas)
  • Gas Type: Green Gas, Red Gas, Propane
  • Magazine Capacity: 26rd
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Auto, Safety
  • Length: 258mm
  • Barrel length: 150mm
  • Weight: approx. 1360g
  • Package Includes: Gun, Magazine


  • Full Metal
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Blowback action
  • Extended barrel increases its overall FPS
  • Pistol Compatible with Green Gas and CO2 Magazines
  • Functional safety
  • Working slide lock
  • 1:1 Scale Authentic Reproduction
  • Brushed Silver Slide/Black Edition

Buy the magazine: WE1104

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Aug 10, 2021
Certified buyer

It worked good except for the small leaks out of the box

The magazine had a leak coming from the bottom it was no problem the gun still fired fine but the leak was definitely noticeable I had read online that if you tighten the bolts on the bottom you can fix the leak well instead of that happening the Bolt just ripped out. Now I need a new magazine and I don't really have the money for it looking back I probably wouldn't have spent the money I probably would have went to my local store if anyone here can help me out with that would be awesome thanks.
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