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Little Joe Nickel Blank Gun with Belt Buckle

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$ 604.74

Total: $604.74

Type: Blank Revolver
Manufacturer: RÖHM
Model: Little Joe Nickel Finish
Materials: Mostly metal with plastic grips
Weight: 134 g (.3 pounds)
Barrel: Front firing
Power Source: Gun powder
Action: Revolver, single action only
Ammo Type: .22 caliber crimped blanks
Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull for the Little Joe blank revolver is single action only, you must pre-cock the hammer first to rotate advance the cylinder and ready the hammer to fire. A very short medium weight trigger pull with virtually no take-up is required to fire this tiny revolver at that point.

Build Quality: Even though in general blank/signal guns do utilize scaled down metals like zinc alloy (not high pressure gun steel), the ROHM line of blank pistols are made very well and many of the internal mechanical parts, pins and screws are solid steel. The fit and finish is excellent and when I tested my non-belt buckle Little Joe it shot flawlessly for me. Don't expect much recoil from the small acorn .22 rounds.

Realism: The ROHM Little Joe Belt Buckle 6mm Flobert Blank Gun is not a true replica of any real steel revolver in production but it does look a bit like the North America Arms NAA22s Mini-Revolver chambered in .22 short. North America Arms even has a belt buckle version of their own!


  • It’s a blank gun that fits into a belt buckle!
  • German made quality
  • Pretty much all metal gun with some steel in a few areas
  • Front firing revolver that will fit a flare adaptor
  • Uses inexpensive .22 Acorn blanks (6mm Flobert)
  • Kind of rare in Canada, cool if you own one :)


  • Gun has to be removed from the belt buckle before use

Comments: I already thought the standard ROHM Little Joe Blank firing mini revolver was a really cool gun, so to actually find one that fits into a belt buckle is even cooler! This high-quality German made blank gun is made of durable metal materials and uses inexpensive .22 caliber blanks. Great for training, reenactments, and more!

Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)
Ammo Type:Blank
Trigger Action:Single
Blowback Action:Non-Blowback
Primary Material:Mostly Metal

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