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Customer Reviews for KWC Makarov PM CO2 NBB BB Gun

Brand: KWC Air Guns

Type: BB Pistol
Manufacturer: KWC
Model: Makarov PM
Materials: Mostly metal
Weight: 800 g (1.76 lb)
Barrel: 76.2 mm (3 in), metal, smoothbore
Power Source: 12 g CO2 x 1
Action: Semi-automatic, non-blowback, double action only
Ammo Type: 4.5mm steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 18 rounds
FPS: 394

Buy the magazine: KWCKW118

Trigger Pull: Pretty decent for a double action only trigger. Certainly light enough for some fairly fast action shooting without tiring your trigger finger too much. It would be nice to be able to cock the hammer for slower and more precise single action shots.

Build Quality: The KWC Makarov is a pretty basic CO2 BB airgun, basically two metal halves of the frame screwed together and not a lot of working parts. It’s almost all metal except for the grips and hammer, giving it a good weight and solid feel so I expect it to hold up well over time. The fit and finishes seem fine but it does have some noticeable seams going all around the gun where the two halves are joined.

Realism: At first, KWC's replica looks like a real steel Makarov. It’s about the right size and weight, has a recessed barrel, and no CO2 tab on the bottom, so overall a good-looking replica. It’s when you look a little closer that you can really tell from the lack of an open ejection port, to the small screws on the right hand side of the Makarov. When you start to play around with it, you will notice the hammer is plastic and only for show. With it not being a blowback gun, the slide and slide catch release do not function at all.


  • Full metal frame for realistic weight and a solid feel
  • All metal full size drop out magazine holds BBs and CO2
  • Working safety and mag release
  • NBB gun will have higher FPS and more shots per CO2
  • No ugly CO2 tab on magazine
  • Decent double action only trigger
  • Very affordable pistol
  • Less moving parts means less to go wrong for longer reliability


  • No blowback means no single action trigger or simulated recoil
  • Ejection port is not cut out and hammer is only for show
  • Has ugly screws on one side of the frame

Comments: Most of you probably already know I am a bit of a blowback operation airgun snob so when I review non-blowback airguns I am generally not as excited. What can I say, I just like the simulated recoil that blowback offers and the fact that blowback airguns will generally allow for a much lighter and shorter single action trigger. The plus side to a NBB pistol is going to be four main points: usually a lower price tag, faster FPS, more shots per CO2, and better longevity of the gun since there are a lot less moving parts to wear or break. It really comes down to what you prefer, but the good news is you can have your choice of a non-blowback Makarov or you can go with the blowback version of the Makarov. Or better yet, why not both!

KWC Makarov PM CO2 NBB BB Gun Manual

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Apr 20, 2021


Very nice replica.
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Mar 03, 2021

All in all decent.

I'm happy with everything down to the time it took to get to my home.
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Feb 02, 2021


looks and feels great
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