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Customer Reviews for KWC MAC 11 CO2 NBB BB Gun

Brand: KWC Air Guns

Type: BB Pistol
Full ABS plastic
544.31 g (1.2 lbs)
228.6 mm (9 in), smoothbore
Power Source: 12 g CO2 x 1
Semi-automatic, double-action only
Ammo Type:
4.5 mm steel BBs
Ammo Capacity:
39 rounds

Buy the magazine: KWCKW170

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KWC MAC-11 M11 is double-action only and is rather long. It's a bit firm so you will get a bit of a finger workout. There is no blowback operation so this is a double-action only pistol.

Accuracy: The KWC M11 has an internal fixed hop-up system which did seem to help out a lot with accuracy. Shooting from a semi-rested position with paper targets set up 30 feet away, I was able to get well-centered 1.5 to 2 inch groupings from both versions of the KWC Mac-11 Guns. The KWC M11 was well-centered left to right but just a little high.

Build Quality: Overall, the KWC Mac 11 M11 CO2 BB Gun is built fairly well as long as you don't mind the all-plastic build. If you were to drop this all-plastic pistol on the ground it would most likely bounce a couple of times no worse for wear since it is lightweight. If it was an almost all-metal build it would weigh a lot more and dropping it onto a hard surface could easily break the zinc alloy metal parts. There is some metal on the pistol with the sliding stock and some internal parts. The rear fold out portion of the stock is actually hardened steel!

Realism: As real steel MAC-11 replica, the KWC MAC-11 M11 CO2 BB Gun looks bang on. It is a 1 to 1 scale and is virtually identical to the real MAC-11. In terms of function however, the KWC M11 BB Gun does not have many working parts other than the trigger, safety, and magazine release. The selector switch, bolt charging handle, and bolt are all molded into the gun and their only purpose is to look good! The overall weight is rather light too since most of this pistol is ABS or plastic.


  • Good quality and cheap air gun suitable for beginners
  • 1:1 replica of the MAC-11 machine pistol
  • Full size drop out magazine that holds both CO2 and BBs
  • High capacity 39 round magazine
  • Built-in metal and steel retractable stock
  • Available in both 4.5 mm steel BB and 6 mm plastic airsoft versions


  • Almost all ABS plastic
  • No blowback action
  • Trigger is kind of long and heavy
  • Not many working parts that are only molded into the gun

Comments: To be honest, when I first saw the box for the KWC MAC-11 M11 CO2 BB Gun I was a bit excited. That was, until I opened it up and found out I was looking at an almost all-plastic gun with few working parts and no blowback operation. But after holding it and giving this air pistol a good look over I have to say I am warming up to it a bit more now. After all, it 100% looks the part so if you are looking for a replica MAC-11 then this will fill that purpose. Even though it is almost all ABS plastic, this solid airgun is well made. The steel and metal stock are nice additions and for a low cost replica airsoft shooter you do get your money's worth.

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Money Value
Oct 01, 2020

Fun and light

It works, it shoots, it's just make of mostly abs but you won't care when you're firing it
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Aug 06, 2019


So wicked. I love how light weight it is. Love the extendable metal stock.
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Mar 13, 2019


I bought this gun back in 2017 and when I first got it I thought it was a decent cheap little backyard plinker! It looked good but felt very light in hand.. and I really liked the large capacity magazine so I thought it was a decent buy for rhe price value. I ran about 3 or 4 full magazines through it with no issues at all and I was impressed with the fps velocity for such a cheap feeling gun with no working parts except for the trigger, safety, and folding stock. Fast forward to present.. I picked the gun up again after 2yrs later and decided to load in at Co2 and do some shooting.. It fired 1 single bb.. then it just stopped working! The trigger would not reset after each shot.. so it now fires 1 bb at a time, and I have to manually go inside the gun through the mag well and reset the trigger manually with a screw driver to make it work. Being a fully plastic molded gun with no screws holding it together.. you cant even take it apart! It now hangs on my wall as a cool decoration piece. The gun is cheap.. and I still have a perfectly fine working magazine.. so I was actually considering buying another one just because I have a mag that still works fine.. but concluded that the same issue will most likely happen again unless a newer improved version of this gun is released. A nice metal version would be awesome.. and a blowback feature would be even more awesome! - maybe even some pic rails for accessories too? I am also not sure if there is any difference between the ASG version and the KWC version of this gun in 4.5mm bb. I would have given this gun a much higher rating when it was working.. but I just cannot recommend this item for purchase as it broke under normal usage.. with only 4 magazines put through it. Also note that a spare magazine cost half the price of this gun.. and the magazine is the only part of this gun that is still working fine! My conclusion is.. dont waste your time or money on this cheap gun as the best thing about this gun is the magazine. I might buy another one if the price drops or if a newer and improved version is ever realeased. Who doesn't want a Mac 11 in their collection??
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Money Value
Jan 20, 2016
Certified buyer

Pretty good replica

The kwc mac 11 is nearly all abs plastic and the only metal part is the stock. This gun is like a true mac 11 so you can't really aim down the sights which is why it would make sense if the gun was fully automatic but it isn't. After having this gun for awhile I find it boring to shoot because of the lack of blowback and it doesn't have the weight of a true mac 11 either. Overall this gun is good if you want a gun to shoot in the backyard every once and awhile but I would look somewhere else if you want a great feeling replica of a mac 11.
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