Replica Air Guns

Hi-CAPA-E Custom Slide Gungnir

Total: $85.99

Manufacturer: LayLax

Compatibility: Tokyo Marui Hi Capa E AEP Handgun

Compatible Sights: Tokyo Marui Micro Pro Sight, LayLax Evil Killer 08, Sig Sauer Romeo 1

Included: Custom Gungnir Slide, Capped Head Hex Screw M3x8 (x2), Hex Screw Bolt M3x8 (x2), Hex Screw Bolt M3x10 (x2)

Material: Plastic Construction

Comments: The Hi-CAPA-E Custom Slide Gungnir will allow you to directly mount your micro dot optic onto the slide itself and is also equipped with a pair of iron sights that can be served as an emergency backup in case your red dot fails mid-field.

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