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Customer Reviews for Gletcher JRH 941 CO2 NBB Steel BB gun

Brand: Gletcher

Type:  BB Pistol
JRH 941
metal construction
1.76 pounds
12 gram CO2 cartridge
double-action only
Ammunition Type: 
4.5mm Steel BBs
Ammunition Capacity: 
21 rounds
427 fps

Comments: This famous pistol is currently issued to the Israeli Army and Special Forces Units. It is an excellent example of an Israeli weapon that received worldwide acclaim and adoption. This gun was created as a primary weapon. As such, the designers were left with no room for compromise. It has excellent ergonomics, high reliability and simplicity, and is extremely comfortable to shoot.

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Feb 20, 2015
Certified buyer

Don't waste your money

1. The biggest problem of the gun is the trigger. The trigger is very very very hard, it even let me tought the trigger or gun is damaged. 2. The accuracy is another problem because of the tough trigger, you can't control the muzzle direction properl when you use too much strength on the trigger. 3. The magazine isn't drop off
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1 to 1 of 1 reviews