Customer Reviews for Gletcher M1891 Mosin Nagant CO2 Steel BB rifle

Brand: Gletcher

Type: BB Rifle
Manufacturer: Gletcher
Model: Mosin Nagant M1891 Sawed-Off
Materials: Metal and Polymer (Imitation Wood)
Weight: 2.6 kg (5.7 lb)
Barrel: 5.5 Inches, Smooth Bore
Power Source: CO2
Action: Bolt
Ammo Type: 4.5mm Steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 16 Rounds
FPS: 394

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Gletcher M1891 is single action only, the bolt cycle does most of the work setting up the loading of a BB into the chamber and pre-cocking the bolt spring. The take up is minimal and the release is about medium to light weight. The bolt snaps forward firmly and with a nice clanking sound, you can even feel the weight of it as it moves forward.

Accuracy: I did take the opportunity to do a quick pre-test with my Gletcher M1891. I shot several rounds through my chronograph and averaged around 430 FPS which is a bit higher than the claimed 394. I also shot a couple of magazines at a paper target standing 30 feet back using a semi rested position and was about to get a 1.75 inch 17 round group which is pretty good considering I found it kind of unusual to hold the Gletcher M1891 in this manner. The Gletcher M1891 does take some getting used to since you hold it like a rifle but do not rest it against your shoulder for stability.

Build Quality: The Gletcher M1891 is really well made, you can tell by its robust weight and how solid the action feels when you draw the bolt back and release it the first time. Everything that would be metal on the real Mosin Nagant is metal on the Gletcher M1891 including the full size dropout magazine that holds both the BBs and CO2. Yes the stock is imitation wood but in some ways it is harder than real wood and may actually hold up better. The finish looks great and I like the silver bolt, as with most electromagnetically coated finishes, the coating is not thick so it will wear off in the high spots fairly easily. Some touch up can solve this problem fairly easily.

Realism: I've never actually put my hands on a real steel Mosin Nagant Rifle but from the photos I viewed online, the Gletcher M1891looks really accurate in terms of being a BB replica. Of course the magazine has been adapted to fit CO2 and BB's but once placed in the gun it is nearly impossible to tell it from a real Mosin Nagant, or I should say a sawn off version of one. The weight of this rifle (5.7 pounds) gives it the feeling of genuineness. The only real giveaway is the imitation wood stock which looks pretty good considering. I have read online that a real Mosin Nagant stock can be adapted to fit the Gletcher M1891 so that would indicate that it is fairly true in size and construction to a real Mosin Nagant Rifle.


  • Very unique BB gun
  • A piece of history you can shoot in your back yard
  • Mostly all metal gun
  • Nice heavy 5.7 pound weight to it
  • Adjustable rear sight, at least for elevation
  • Nice single action trigger
  • Bolt action feels great and has a firm release
  • Full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the BB's and the CO2
  • More fps than claimed and decent accuracy, I expect to get lots of shots out of a single CO2 because of the magazine design


  • Stock is plastic but looks good considering
  • No real way to adjust windage and the rear sight does wiggle a bit from side to side which could throw off the aim
  • Electromagnetically coated finish may be prone to wear in the high spots

Comments: The Gletcher M1891 is one of the most interesting BB guns I have had the opportunity to review, it has history, it's kind of a pistol and kind of a rifle at the same time and in this sawn off configuration it looks both old school and modern. I could almost see it being used as the perfect zombie gun ;) Getting away from its unique looks, the Gletcher M1891 performs very well, shooting a respectable 430 fps with accuracy that surprised me since I found it a bit hard to hold at first. There is something very gratifying about having to work a bot or lever or the hammer on a single action revolver that makes each shot just that much more precious! If you're looking for that ultimate eye catcher that people will have to take a second look at then this is the one for you.

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Mar 21, 2017
Certified buyer

Great gun

Overall I really like this gun. It took a bit to get used to the length, weight and the mostly non adjustable sights but it is just plain fun to shoot and the quality is really good; feels solid. I had some extended family like it so much they had me order 2 more. I can't wait for all 3 of us to get out shooting them at the same time.
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Money Value
Jan 18, 2016

Very Nice

This is a unique piece and should be in everyone's collection, just for the cool factor alone. The fact that it shoots and functions is a bonus.We've all seen the UZI's, broom handles, etc, but when's the last time a sawed off rifle came down the pike?I can live with the plastic stock. It looks real and keeps the weight & cost down.I own a full size version in 7.62x54 and the action on the BB version is as smooth as the real one.In case anyone is curious about the 90 degree bolt handle, it was so the action could be manipulated with mittens on. Remember where the real one was used :)
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Money Value
Jul 05, 2015

length for a rifle

can't they do it in full length version of the 91-30 ? it can be cool to get a rifle cause a sawn-off is not super accurate and the range is low. can yo call the company for somme comment for a new model with the same macanism ? but prety cool sawn-off rifle the finish is very cool but the price is over than a real mosin-nagan its a little bit sad :( thanks to anwser !
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