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G&G Xtreme 45 Full Metal Blowback Airsoft gun

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Type: Airsoft pistol
Manufacturer: G&G
Model: Xtreme 45
Materials: Mostly metal construction with a few plastic parts
Weight: 2.1 pounds
Barrel: 4.88 inches, metal non-rifled
Propulsion: CO2 x 1
Action: Semi auto blowback, single action only
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BBs
Ammunition Capacity: 16 round magazine
FPS: 400+

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the G&G Xtreme 45 is very smooth in single action only mode with there being just a bit of take-up and then a fairly light release, the light blowback and single action trigger allow fast sequential shooting with good groupings.
Accuracy: This is somewhat yet to be determined in my upcoming Field Test Shooting portion of this review but I did get the chance to take it outside and put some rounds down range, performance overall seemed decent.

Build Quality: This is an almost all metal air gun with good fit and finish and a nice hefty 2.1 pound weight to it. very similar in build to the Umarex Colt Special Combat 4.5mm BB Pistol reviewed earlier! The only plastic parts to speak of are the grips. In a perfect world, real wood grips would be nice but I have feeling that real 1911 grips may just fit this gun?
Realism: The G&G Xtreme 45 is a very good replica of the classic 45 auto 1911 styled pistol, with the exception of the trigger mechanism. I was happy to see if had a single action only trigger like you would find in a 1911 so this was a bonus. Overall weigh and feel make this Airsoft pistol a very believable gun and the blowback although light gives some nice feedback when shooting and the allowable single action trigger on follow-up shot.


  • Lots of metal and good overall weight
  • Blowback operation (enough to give it some shot feedback and also cocks the hammer for easy single action trigger pull)
  • High fps for a blowback Airsoft pistol
  • Expect to get decent amount of shots per CO2
  • Fully adjustable rear sight
  • Attractive two tone finish
  • Magazine is all metal full size and hold both the CO2 and BB's and has a flush hidden CO2 screw
  • Rail for accessories
  • Very affordable gun considering all of the features it comes with


  • Blowback operation is light and not a full cycle
  • Slide catch does not engage on the last round
  • Does not have a true 1911 styled trigger but at least is single action

The G&G Xtreme 45 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is a great combination of realism and practicality topped with lots of great features you don't often find in a gun in this price range: Almost all metal, blowback operation, good fps and CO2 usage, fully adjustable rear sight, full size drop out metal magazine with hidden tab, awesome looks, and low price point. If you’re in the market for a good all-around 1911 styled Airsoft blowback pistol, definitely put this one on the check list!

Buy the magazine: GAGG-08-077

Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)6 mm (.24 cal)
FPS:400 to 450400 to 450
Ammo Type:AirsoftAirsoft
Power Source:Co2Co2
Trigger Action:SingleSingle
Body Type:19111911
Blowback Action:BlowbackBlowback
Rear Sight:AdjustableAdjustable
Front Sight:BladeBlade
Primary Material:Full MetalFull Metal
Colour:BlackSteel Grey
Magazine Capacity:1515

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G&G Xtreme 45 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

G&G Xtreme 45 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

8 - 12/13/2021 11:10:42 PM

This is the official Field Test or Shooting Video Review for the G&G Xtreme 45 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol. If you haven't checked out my Table top Video Review for the G&G Xtreme 45, make sure to do so as I have some more photos there and also all the specifications and details including the Pros & Cons for the G&G Xtreme 45. Read full article here: Buy G&G Airsoft Xtreme 45 in Canada: Buy G&G Airsoft Xtreme 45 in the US:

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