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Customer Reviews for G&G 1911 Green Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun

Brand: G&G Airsoft Guns

Type: Airsoft Pistol
Manufacturer: G&G
Model: GPM1911
Materials: Full metal
Weight: 1020 g (2.25 lb)
Length: 22 cm (8.6 in)
Barrel: 218.44 mm (4.58 in), metal, non-rifled, smooth bore
Power Source: Green gas
Action: Semi-automatic, blowback, double action only
Ammo Type: 6mm steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 25 rounds
FPS: 330

Buy the magazine: GAGG-08-152

Trigger Pull: What you would expect from a traditional, single action only 1911 trigger: a very short take-up and a crisp and light release. Great for getting a lot of shots off quickly and accurately down range without making your trigger finger do a lot of work.

Accuracy: Using .20g airsoft BBs with a fully filled propane gas magazine in, I got 6 recorded shots through my chronograph averaging 319 FPS. The slowest shot being 313 FPS and the fastest shot hitting 330 FPS. The temperature was right around room temperature. As I was having issues chambering rounds, I was hoping that switching to .32g BBs for the target portion that perhaps they would chamber better but they didn't. With each shot I had to drop the magazine, make sure the airsoft BBs were at the top of the magazine, rack the slide, insert the magazine, and then release the slide. I was resetting completely for each shot which does not always make for the tightest groupings. Surprisingly, I was still able to get about a 1.5 inch grouping on my paper target 30 feet downrange using a rested and seated shooting position.

Build Quality: The G&G GPM1911 is one of the nicer looking guns finishes-wise. I'd have to say it's one of the better quality 1911 airguns out there. For sure, a step up from a KWC 1911 and more in line with what KWA and KJ Works is making these days, which is good quality. The GPM1911 is one of the heavier airsoft 1911 pistols which makes me think the metal is higher quality where it needs to be. Tolerances are nice and tight and the blowback's action is very heavy.

Realism: The G&G GPM1911 Airsoft Pistol, like most full blowback 1911 airguns, steel BB or airsoft BB, is super realistic with an all metal build. All the real steel working parts like the slide catch release, back strap safety, and pretty much everything else function as they should. The G&G GPM1911 even field strips like a traditional 1911 pistol. Not sure what you could do to make it more authentic for an airgun?


  • High capacity 25rd magazine is full metal and drop out
  • Over 2 pound weight keeps gun heavy to feel like a real steel
  • All parts fit nice and tight with very good tolerances
  • Working back-strap safety
  • No ugly red tip
  • Black finish and wood panels makes gun look really good
  • Expect to get at decent amount of shots per fas fill
  • Micro gas filter and whirl cylinder valves helps manage gas efficiency and reduces frost build-up
  • Traditional adjustable hop-up
  • Comes with hard shell case and speedloader


  • Basic sights with no white dots and non-adjustable as you'd expect on a 1911 A1
  • Very simple gun, no modern bits and pieces
  • FPS could be higher but find for close quarters

Comments: The G&G GPM1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is for sure one of the nicer 1911 A1-styled airsoft pistols, in line with KWC and KJ Works. It does come in a little heavier and seems to have more blowback recoil action which is nice. I really feel the G&G GPM1911 is a good gun overall even though mine did not perform that well for me. When I was able to chamber a round it shot a consistent FPS and placed airsoft BBs downrange accurately, and very close to the bullseye. Perhaps simply by swapping out the magazine I will have a much more reliable airsoft gun? I will have to get back to you on that one. It is cheaper than a KWA or KJ Works 1911 and about the same price as a KWC 1911. So many choices, I know, but that’s a good thing :)

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Jul 19, 2020
Certified buyer

Can't get more real than this

This is an amazing gun. I really doubt that it can get more real than this. The full body metal gives that premium look and feel to it. It feels really nice, great blowback kick. On and all, it's just PERFECT.
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Jun 18, 2020
Certified buyer


I love this pistol! Right out of the box it shot a nice grouping from 25 feet without adjusting anything. Nice weight to it, and is made well. Just wish it came with 2 mags at this price.
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Mar 01, 2020

Nice peace

Realistic 1911A1 weight, looks, feel and function. Hard to tell it’s a airsoft from first glance. Slower heavy blow back which is better than other that are snappy. Fit and finish is excellent, mag drops freely. Would have gave 5 stars but the mag didn’t feed at first. Seeded better as you keep running bb’s through. A couple more mags though will tell.
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