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G&G Top Tech

Ready to bring your airsoft game to the next level? If you’re hunting for a high-end airsoft rifle, look no further than the G&G Top Tech series! Replica Airguns carries a wide selection of these elite level guns, including the TR4-18, the RK103, the TR4 CQB, and the TR16!

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Full Metal Construction

Top Tech rifles are built entirely of metal, top to bottom. Not only does this provide a more realistic look and feel, it makes the gun more durable wear-resistant. The metal construction continues on the inside with a brass cylinder and internal barrel, which reduces vibration and increases accuracy.

Pneumatic Blowback

Most blowback system drain battery power, but G&G's exclusive pneumatic blowback is powered by compressed air from the gearbox. This Top Tech feature provides realistic kickback and cycling of the bolt with every round fired and doesn't use up any extra energy.

Ultra Realism

G&G designed their Top Tech rifles to imitate the mechanics of real steel firearms as closely as possible. This means realistic features like a buffer tube castle nut, one piece outer barrel, as well as a fully functional charging handle and forward assist.

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