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G&G Combat Machine

If you're in the market for a reliable and affordable airsoft rifle, the G&G Armament Combat Machine series offers the best bang for your buck! At Replica Airguns we offer a wide range of Combat Machine AEGs ideal for beginner and intermediate players, including the CM16, CM18, and the CM RK47.

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Durable Polymer Construction

G&G are renowned for their durable polymer rifle frames. Constructed from fiber-reinforced nylon with incredibly realistic molded features and engravings, these rifles are lightweight, durable, and economic.

Reliable Internals

All Combat Machine AEG rifles comes with a standard G&G V2 gear boxes and hop-up. They are assembled with non-proprietary parts, which makes upgrades, customization, and maintenance easy and affordable.

Long Range or CQB

Combat Machine rifles are available with barrel lengths that range from 7 to 13 inches. Whether you prefer the classic M4 body or a tactical AK47, there is a rifle to match any style of combat. Long-range field assaults or indoor skirmishes, G&G Combat Machines do it all!

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