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Customer Reviews for G&G ARP 9 Airsoft Rifle 1500rd Drum Magazine

Brand: G&G Airsoft Guns

Type: Airsoft Magazine
Manufacturer: G&G
Model: ARP 9
Materials: Polymer
Ammo Type: Airsoft BBs 6mm
Ammo Capacity: 1500 Rounds


  • Designed for seamless integration with the G&G ARP 9
  • Increases ammo load to 1500 rounds
  • Built from the same lightweight polymer as the rifle
  • Manual winding design doesn't require batteries


  • Must be continually re-wound throughout use
  • Not compatible with the G&G ARP 556

Comments: With this drum magazine equipped, your ARP 9 SMG will never run dry again! A large spout allows for easy loading without the need for a speedloader. Though it may be large, it's still light enough for speedy maneuvres around the CQB arena.


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Jun 24, 2021

G&G Manual Drum mag

Really enjoying the G&G Drum mag on my G&G ARP 9 airsoft submachine gun/M4 variant.Use in concert with Red Tracer BB's and the Midnight Hawk ,yep G&G again tracer unit.Pew Pew Starwars Lasers at night! Hard to find Red Tracer BB's . You guys should find more supply!
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1 to 1 of 1 reviews