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Cybergun FAMAS F1 EVO AEG NBB Airsoft Rifle

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Type: Airsoft Rifle
Manufacturer: Cybergun
Materials: Nylon Fiber and Metal
Weight: 3311 g (7.3 lb)
Barrel: Smoothbore
Power Source: Electric (Battery)
Action: Semi-Automatic/Full-Automatic/3-Round Burst
Ammo Type: Airsoft BBs 6mm
Ammo Capacity: 300 Rounds
FPS: 377


  • Cybergun licensed replica of the FAMAS
  • Upgraded durable polymer frame
  • Integrated bipod provides sharp shooping stability
  • Trigger guard can be reversed for use with gloves
  • Bullpup rifle frame is ideal for both CQB and long distance matches
  • Package includes an 8.4V 1100mAh NiMh mini battery


  • Orange tip detracts from rifle's realism
  • Integrated bipod legs can impede maneuverability
  • Does not come with optics rail

Comments: This new and improved model of the Cybergun FAMAS has been internally upgraded for improved firing capability. A MOSFET allows for programmable 3-round burst firing mode and adjustable muzzle velocity. A dummy bolt, mock charging handle and grenade sights have been added for authenticity. The FAMAS is one of very few rifles to sport an entirely ambidextrous design, with switches on the bottom as opposed to the sides. The rifle comes with a battery and a forward vertical grip with hollow storage compartment.

Buy the magazine: PAL49201

Barrel Size:18.6 Inch
Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)
Action:Semi/Full-Auto/3-Round Burst
FPS:350 to 400
Ammo Type:Airsoft
Power Source:Electric
Ammo Weight:.20g
Total Length:29.5 Inch
Body Type:Bullpup
Blowback Action:Non-Blowback
Rear Sight:Adjustable
Front Sight:Adjustable
Primary Material:Mostly Plastic
Magazine Capacity:300
Barrel Length:47 cm (18.5 inch)

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Feb 28, 2019
Certified buyer

Good Platform! But bad company...

So this is a really decent intermediate gun, but it is EXTREMELY hard to take apart to maintain and it is very tricky to upgrade! That and Cybergun is the WORST company for customer support... they literally refuse to sell spare parts, mail spare parts, and if you want to take advantage of the THIRTY DAY WARRANTY to expect to spend over $300 CAD just shipping the gun to and from France, and needing to pay up to a further $200 CAD for duties. Cyberguns company actually has no listed customer service and you will need to e-mail/facebook them for weeks until they give you their actual CS e-mail. Once you get it that e-mail will instantly state that the "inbox is full." When you finally get into contact with someone in the company their only response is to ship the entire gun to France... I explained this would cost more than the gun itself by several hundred dollars, and despite my gun being in warranty, I would willingly pay for a new select fire plate (it arrived very soft and bad) and put it into my gun by myself... they refused! Cybergun is quite literally one of the worst airsoft companies for customer support. They are only rivalled by maybe LancerTactical by how bad they are with customer service. This is a shame because the F1 Evo is actually a pretty darn good airsoft gun. It's a workhorse straight out of the box and it will keep kicking for much longer than any V2 gearbox because it is much thicker and stronger and won't crack as easily. It out-ranges the majority of G&G CM's out there and even some mid-range guns. But you are definitely buying something that has some good features but all around entry to mid-performance. If you are willing to upgrade, which is MUCH harder than any other airsoft gun out there, you can make one heck of a sleeper build with one of the nicer bodies out there. It FEELS good to hold, it shoots pretty decently fast and I can comfortably recommend it... it's not the best option and you can get a lot more performance for the same price in other guns. But if you don't want to use just another M4 or AK, then it's a decent alternative. But I would recommend you grab a CYMA AK, G&G M4, or even an ASG Aug A3 (so long as you upgrade it!) from Replica if you can. Also, I cannot recommend ReplicaAirguns enough. They work with you and they are... they're really willing to work with their customers! In love with the service from this site.
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