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Enola Gaye Burst Wire-Pull Smoke Grenade

Total: $15.03

Type: Smoke Grenade
Manufacturer: Enola Gaye
Igniter: Wire-Pull
Burn Time: 30 Seconds
Weight: 40g (1.4 oz)


  • Only Enola Gaye grenade with twin vents
  • Fast-acting burst ignition provides instant cover
  • Wire-pull safety prevents accidental activation
  • Quick burn time limits exposure of your position
  • Comes in a biodegradable container


  • Twin vent grenades are not intended to be held throughout use
  • Short burn time only provides cover for fast maneuvers

Comments: The Burst Wire-Pull Smoke Grenade is a powerful new addition to Enola Gaye’s arsenal of airsoft pyrotechnics. Within seconds of engaging the wire-pull ignition, 20,000 cubic feet of coloured smoke is released from twin-vents on either end of the canister, creating a thick wall of cover. This fast-acting smoke bomb is ideal for rapid assaults and emergency evacuations!


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