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Elite Force Dead Kill Rag Pouch

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Having your "dead rag" easily accessible to quickly deploy when you've been shot is key to avoid being over? shot by your opponents. The Elite Force Kill Rag is a low?profile option that provides ease of access to your red "dead rag," immediately letting other players know you've been hit once you've pulled it out. Whether you prefer it on the back of your helmet or the front of your chest rig, the nylon MOLLE strap with button snap makes it easy to securely attach just about anywhere on your kit that you prefer. Having the ability to attach your Kill Rag to your gear not only allows you to get to it quickly when calling your hit, but it also keeps your Kill Rag secure if you need to use both hands to adjust your gear or weapon while you're waiting to spawn back into the game without the risk of unknowingly dropping your kill rag on the field. When it's time to spawn back into the game, simply shove it all back into the elastic pouch. Easy to do, even with tactical gloves on.


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