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EDGE Series Specna Arms SA-E07 Airsoft Rifle

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SA-E07 carbine replica is equipped with a handguard in KEYMOD mm mounting system that can serve as a mount for various tactical accessories: flashlights, grips, laser sights and optical sights. The long, top rail features flip-up iron sights. The barrel features a custom muzzle device on a 14 mm CCW thread. The carbine features a factory-fitted MOSFET X-ASR module by Polish GATE. It is an unprecedented cooperation between a Polish manufacturer and a factory known for its airsoft replicas. The highest-quality MOSFET X-ASR looks after the safety of the replica components, improves the trigger reaction and extends the lifetime of electronics and the battery. It will also enable diagnosing basic malfunctions inside the replica thanks to integrated status diodes.


  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Muzzle Velocity: 310 – 380 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Blowback: None
  • Battery: 7.4v / 11.1v Buffer Tube Lipo Battery Recommended
  • Gun Action: Semi-automatic & fully automatic, safety
  • Gearbox: Ver 2 Metal, Fully Upgradable
  • Hop-up: Adjustable
  • Length: 690 – 775mm (Adjustable)
  • Weight: 2520g
  • Thread action: 14mm Negative
  • Magazine: 125rds
  • Energy: 390 FP
  • Inner Barrel: 290mm

Battery and Charger Not Included

Colour:BlackHalf Tan

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Jan 12, 2022

Just read.

Let me begin by saying that Specna Arms has delivered a great line up of Airsoft. Wether it’s your first or second gun, the rifles are great. Good price with (in a way) a great quality build. Do I recommend these guns, yes and no. See, here’s the issue. It’s body, although structurally great, can create issues for upgrades and replacing parts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s stock internals will do just fine, for a while of course, everything in Airsoft guns will break eventually. Mine own had an issue with the gears and motor, brought it to tech, they were able to fix it but the said it wasn’t there favourite to work on. So, to sum it up, if ur looking at a Specna, you have to consider one thing and that’s how far you will go with. Wether it’s in upgrade, replacements, etc. It’s all okay, but I recommend going with that bit extra money and purchasing something more excessive for these things. For ex. G&Gs, VFC, Krytacs, just to name a few. Do some research.
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Specna Arms Airsoft Rifle Product Introduction Core versus Edge

Specna Arms Airsoft Rifle Product Introduction Core versus Edge

(229 raters) 10056 views - 11/2/2020 9:23:53 PM

We have a new line of Airsoft rifles from Specna Arms I am super happy to be introducing to the Replica Airguns Airsoft Community.

Specna Arms AEG Airsoft Rifles are extremely cost effective and offer value for what you pay that is amazing. In this YouTube Introduction Video I go over the main differences between the Core Series (lower priced) versus the Edge Series (mid priced) so that you can understand what the extra cost will get you when buying a Spenca Arms Edge Series AEG Airsoft Rifle over a Specna Arm Core Series AEG Airsoft Rifle.

I also show 12 different versions from the Specna Arms Core and Edge Series some with Rock River Arms licensing and some without.

Specna Arms Core Series:
-Price: Mid $200’s (CAD)
-Materials: Fiberglass Reenforced Plastic & Metal
-Mosfet System: No
-Gear Box: Ver 2 Metal Fully Upgradeable
-Spring System: ESA Quick Change - 2 Springs (380-310 fps)
-Licensing: Rock River Arms Some Models
-Magazine/s: Comes with 1 Mag

Specna Arms Edge Series:
-Price: Mid-high $300’s (CAD)
-Materials: Aluminum & Fiberglass Reenforced Plastic
-Mosfet System: GATE X-ASR
-Gear Box: Ver 2 - Orion Gear Box, Reenforced Shell & Internals
-Spring System: ESA Quick Change - 2 Springs (380-310 fps)
-Licensing: Rock River Arms Some Models
-Magazine/s: Comes with 2 Mags

Buy Specna Arms Airsoft Rifles in Canada:

Buy Specna Arms Airsoft Rifles in the US:

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